Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not so very ordinary

I noticed Her Bad Mother is asking for folks to speak out about what impact they are having in their world/community/family. Instead of shamelessly plugging my own gig I figured I'd cast some light over at I am on the board of this newly created non-profit and I have been most impressed with the professionalism, passion, and determination of the founder. What is it, you ask? Heather and MNRS strive to make sure that underpriviledged kids in the Bay Area receive new clothes and shoes on their first day of school, and they do that so our kids can show up feeling and looking just like everyone else.

Heather targets homeless shelters (I love that about Heather) and other programs that serve families who are struggling. And it's a lofty goal, because amidst all the wealth and status that swirl around in the Bay Area, there are a hell of a lot of families who live day to day, who don't know where they will sleep tonight, or what they'll feed their children for breakfast, and sometimes, despite their best intentions, cannot provide new clothes for their kids. Heather is there to help, and therefore, she gets my vote for working to change her small part of the world in this small but very important (especially to those kids) way.

Since having M, I've been repeatedly humbled by what it might be like raising M under different circumstances, and whether I'd be able to dig deep inside myself and carry on in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and shame. Being ostracized at school and in our community only adds insult to injury, and that is what MNRS addresses. I am proud to be a part of seeing that happen.


lildb said...


yeah, me too. the thought of having to live with extremely limited means in order to raise a child - ugh. it's so tough to just think of. I can't imagine what it must really be like.

I think your friend is awesome. and thanks for commenting so's I could come over here and read.

Her Bad Mother said...

Dude, I totally did not miss this, I swear - Blogger eats some the links when I do a link list! I feel terribly, though.

What I wanted to say first time I visited, but didn't have time - this is an issue that is so easy to forget about. My sister left her first husband when her baby was barely 2 years old, and for over three years they lived on her meagre income because he didn't keep up with child support. She came to our house for laundry and meals, just to scrape by, and struggled to keep her home as happy as possible for her son while doing that scraping.

Her situation changed, but many do not. Thanks for raising this.

Wendy Boucher said...

Yay you! What a fabulous endeavor. It's the type of thing that gives me hope for our country.