Sunday, December 24, 2006

it's coming on christmas

Joni said it best. Thank you for sharing pieces of you with me, and allowing me to do the same.

Here's to getting even juicier. And to standing up for what we know to be true.



urban-urchin said...

I love 'River'. Actually I love all Christmas songs and things (yes I know, I am a freak).

Have a wonderful Christmas, I am glad that I found you.

acumamakiki said...

Joni Mitchell was my dad's all-time favorite singer when I was growing up.
Merry Christmas Jen, I'm very glad to have found you. xo

Thailand Gal said...

Best to you, J and M as well. :)



crazymumma said...

river is a beautiful song.


flutter said...

how did I miss this? Blessings to you, fair sister.