Saturday, December 09, 2006

a word from the wedding planner

If you are still planning on submitting your RSVP's to tomorrows soiree, can you send me the link before 8pm PST?

Girl (brain) on girl (brain) action requires a restful bride.

And moreover, I am terrified I'll miss one of your presents....

See you bright and early with bells on, all you social justice warrior women, you.


Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm going to apologize now for not providing a gift for the big event. My brain just has not been in that place this week, but I do wish the happy couple a lifetime of justice for all.

Lillithmother said...

You'll have it by then, I promise!

Anonymous said...

I will look forward to re-reading all the posts in the morning. No commitments about "early". LOL



flutter said...

I am unable to be as eloquent as I'd like for your soiree,just know my heart is full, for you.

Nancy said...

Aagh, still working on mine. It shall be fashionably late.

(I almost typed "fashionably latte," which shows you my current state of mind.)

However, it is half written, and I'll leave you a comment tomorrow when it's done. Now go take a nice soaking bath and get a nice rest so you are ready for the festivities.