Wednesday, January 03, 2007

this just in

have you seen ECR's latest post? Not only is it complete with her usual excellent writing and wit, but the comments are hilarious. I find myself returning again and again to see who else has added their .02.

Funny stuff, sister, funny stuff.


swampwitch said...

Jen...After visiting ECR's I decided to leave my song here for you, too:

Blowin' in the Wind
(a revised version with apologies to Mr. Dylan)

How many roads must a man drive down
Before he admits he is lost?
Why when a man becomes married is he
Unable to find his own socks?
How many times wtll it take 'til he knows
He's seen the Three Stooges enough?
The answer my friend, I cannot comprehend
The answer I cannot comprehend

How many shows can a man surf though
Before the remote burns out?
Why does he think that an intimate gift
Is a Dust Buster Plus for the house?
How many sounds can a man's body make
Before he sleeps on the couch?
The answer my friend is take 2 aspirin
The answer is take 2 aspirin.

(comes on girls, sing this last verse together with swampmitch)

Why when we go for a romantic drive
Do we wind up at Builder's Square again?
How many nights will he leave the seat up
So I land on cold porcelain?
How men really feel is a mystery to me
And probably a mystery to them.
The answer girlfriend is driving me to GIN
The answer is driving me to GIN.

*swampwitch grinning*

KC said...

Unfortunately (but so very fortunately) I can't relate to any of those resolutions. JP appears to not be your typical man in a lot of respects. He may be an alien borg.

However, there are a couple I could add (and did).

Thanks for the link, very funny post and comments!

Julie Pippert said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for the link! I ROFL....and added in my own two cents LOL.

meno said...

Great stuff, thank you for the smiles.

ECR said...

I am so thrilled the subject elicited such a response! Now I'm going to have to post something all self-deprecating to prove that I realize women have their quirks, too :) Thanks for sending your readers over to my place. Judging from my statcounter, you have a lot of fans!