Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thoughts about what makes me think

I've noticed the Thinking Blog nods circling around and I was intrigued, especially because some of the writers I hold in very high esteem seemed to be taking part in it. And then yesterday AM, I was humbled to see a few others had selected my blog as a Thinking Blogger. Chani, Flutter, Sin. What excellent company I have the honor of keeping. You all make me think with every post.

I find this concept interesting, because on some level it's obvious. If the blogs I read didn't make me think, then why would I read them? Or they mine? But on some other level it goes much deeper. Once again, being impacted by another's writing offers the opportunity to be moved, to connect, to conspire. We allow ourselves to be touched by another's words, and that allowance makes the space between smaller. And every time it happens, the threads weave a bit tighter.
And there you have it. Community. Support. Commonality or alternate perspectives, but open minds nonetheless.
So in the meme spirit of the concept, and because Chani asked us to continue the sharing, I'd like to share five bloggers who make me think, and the reasons why.
Lucia always leaves me wanting more. Perhaps it's her courageousness or her work all over the globe that makes me salivate, or the very reasons she travels. Or perhaps it's all three.
Andrea is freakishly intelligent. More often than not I'll read her posts and I'll be overcome with wonder - how she is able to formulate her thoughts and theories in such comprehensive and reasonable ways. Simply put, she blows my mind.
Hel's honesty makes me think, and think hard. This woman has been a rare find, she lays her soul bare in a way I strive to and yet shy away from. I know she struggles to be as open as she is, and yet that makes it all the more lovely. She's raw in the best sort of way.
Emily is a poet. She's remarkable in her ability to take the mundane and make it magnificent, or the magnificent and make it feel manageable. She writes with purpose. I like that about her.
Penny is truth incarnate. She shares all of it, from the cake to the blood and guts, and her realness is what keeps me going back again and again. Penny is honest, creative, and deeply moved by this world. And she writes about it.
So there you have it. If you haven't read some of them, you should. And whenever you read things that move you, I truly hope you'll pass them along.


Andrea said...

Thank you, Jen.

Thailand Gal said...

I would have chosen all of those as well. Andrea's intelligence can be on the stunning side, especially when I'm reading along and realize she's going right over my head! LOL

Emily is new. Good. Since I lived in Baltimore for a while, it makes it even more interesting.

I like all your choices. :)



Mad Hatter said...

Even more bounty. How will I ever keep up?

s@bd said...

oh man - I'm not sure if I can handle too many more great bloggers ...

seriously. where to find the time?

Oh, The Joys said...

I'll have to go check them out!

hel said...

Here I am reading your blog when I should be sleeping.

Tired as I am I struggle to find words to say how much your regard means to me.

But they are happy words even if they are silent

acumamakiki said...

thanks for the heads up on new blogs that make me think. i need some refreshment.

ewe are here said...

I really enjoy your blog; definitely makes me think.

Of course, I now feel the need to check out the blogs you cite, because I can only assume they're stellar...in all that spare time I have...sigh.
Glad you made it home safely.

Penny said...

Jen ~ thank-you! 'truth incarnate', what a beautiful compliment.

I appreciate your words and am honored to have made your list.

Sandra said...

You are one of my favourite reads Jen. Always so inspiring and honest and ... thinking. This award was made for you. In fact, when I started to do my own meme you were on the top of my list until I saw you'd been tagged already (as had all my other pics). So well deserved.

I look forward to checking out all of your choices.

Lucia said...

I am humbled and honored.

flutter said...

I love your choices.

Bob said...

I dont NEED any more blogs that I cannot not read.


There are blogs I read to be entertained, and then there are those like yours. You make me think. About the world around me. About myself. It keeps me coming back. I do feel a sense of community here, and it inspired me to continue my blog when I had about given it up. For that, I thank you - and the others like you.

carrie said...

I think this is why I always feel at home here, in your space.

Thank you.


Emily said...

Thank you. I keep coming back here because of the ways you make me think and you tell a good story.

scribbit said...

I'd love to be considered a thinking blog. Kind of like I want to be able to write like Edith Wharton. However, I've discovered I'm better suited to posting recipes and household tips I'm afraid. I'm enjoying reading blogs that do think out there.