Saturday, March 17, 2007

folk you

Hipster Kgirl asked me what I am listening to. She's got an assumption that I rock, and the truth is I don't. If I had to pick a genre of music, it would be what J defines as relentlessly folk. It's not a compliment. But folk often speaks to the aching melancholy with which I see our world. Perhaps that alone should encourage a branching out of sorts.

nick drake - five leaves left - time has told me is an incredible song. Anything by Nick makes sense..his haunting melodies, his funky rhythms. great music to fall asleep to.

leonard cohen - i'm your man. tower of song is just one example of his loveliness. he's groove, funk and soul all rolled into your chronically depressed grandfather.

dar williams - mortal city - iowa is a terrific car you can belt out at the top of your lungs

ani difranco - little plastic castles - in particular, independence day. she sings one line that goes something like - building molehills out of mountains, basecamp at the bottom of a really big deal. it's perfect in it's denial-ability.

massive attack - pretty much anything by massive attack. over and over, one love, i could go on and on. massive attack keeping their political fires burning in a groovy sort of way.

zero seven - again, just about anything from them, but the when it falls album is sublime. they hook you almost immediately. another great background, chill out, long converation or falling asleep music.

that said, i've not explored new music in a while. pretend i am a radio, turn me on to something new (see, more folk). seriously, if you've discovered something new that speaks to you, tell me...i think i need some upgrading.


Thailand Gal said...

Well, geez... as someone who has spent the last two hours listening to The Eurythmics, one of my favorites from the .. um.. 80s .. :)

Seriously though, putting aside the morlam, other Thai stuff and oldies, lately I've been listening to Corinne Bailey Rae (whom I think you'd like a lot), Norah Jones and Jack Johnson (particularly a song called "Cookie Jar".. don't let the name fool you).


Cut and paste it into your browser. It's one of my favorites. Give it a try.




Deezee said...

May I recommend Snow Patrol and The Like? I discovered both via my teen. Not folky, but Snow Patrol is nicely moody and The Like are a bunch of cool rocking girls just across the border into their 20s. I'm addicted.

slouching mom said...

I second thailand gal re jack johnson.

also loudon wainwright iii.

and, believe it or not, try ben taylor (yes, he's james' son, and it's almost uncanny how much his voice sounds like his dad's, but ben's music is edgier).

kristen said...

I love Massive Attack but not a folkie, sorry on that. But then I've got this supa-rock thing going where I swear I'm channeling my teenaged boy self so really, you might not like my musical choices.
The music man in my family is my man who is passionate with a P about music. If you were to meet him, he would certainly love to turn you onto music, he'd probably be sporting a bag from Amoeba, since that's on his agenda for our trip! (=

Cristi said...

Check out Kimya Dawson. Think you might like her. My sister introduced her stuff to me in January. Very catchy & folky.

kristen said...

OH and let me second Deezee's suggestion of Snow Patrol - an excellent band, I love them. Maybe you shouldn't worry about buying it because as I said my husband is an avid collector, (hint) unless of course you're not coolio with that and that's fine too.

NotSoSage said...

Another folkie. How could relentlessly folk be an insult? :)

Yes, I could go on for hours.

Have you heard Bruce Cockburn's new album? It's almost all good, and Ani's on one track.

PLEASE check out a woman named Sarah Harmer. I think you'd love it.

I have a lot of friends who are really into Richard Buckner. So far I'm not fully in love, but it might grow on me.

Josh Ritter (you can listen to him online on his website).


Do check out the Weakerthans, who are more pop-punk but with a conscience.

And for full on punk, check out Propaghandi.

Check out the Be Good Tanyas.

I could turn you onto so much good Canadian stuff...there's so much good Canadian music that doesn't make it south of the border when so much of the crap does. I'm sure it's the same everywhere...

Okay. So don't ever ask me to recommend music, 'cause I'll hog up all your comment space.

kgirl said...

sorry, hon, you definitely rock. and me, hipster? I might pass for just-this-side of funky mama, but that's probably as far as I'd get.

This list is awesome. My list was all about what I'm listening to this minute, but if you were to take an historical look, it would be veeeery different - much more like this or cin's.

oh, and I work for about the un-hipest record company out there, but I did manage to help convince them to put 07 on a compilation.

thank you for playing with me! (uh, you know what I mean...)

metro mama said...

There are some great Toronto indie bands. I am doing this meme in the next day or so, I'll include a couple of them.

cinnamon gurl said...

Dude, I'm sorry but you are totally rockin'!

(And, I don't think I'd classify Massive Attack as folk... not that it matters anyways.)

And Sarah Harmer... I think she's from my town, actually. Or maybe she just plays here alot...can't remember now.

Lillithmother said...

Jen, if you like Massive Attack (Protection is my ultimate fave ablum) and Zero then try Thievery Corporation, and any of the Cafe Del Mar series. How's about Sarah McLaughlin...KD Lang (her french title ablum whose name escapes me now, but you can call up her discography and notice it right off the bat), it's not her usual country, more like crooning about soulful stuff...

slouching mom said...

Oh man, I forgot Aimee Mann!

Mad Hatter said...

OK, you, me, Sage. That threesome is now overdue. Just the other day I mentioned Dar William's Iowa in a comment on Jess's blog. Ani, Leonard, Nick? I'm right there with you.

Oh, and trust Sage's recommendations.

Laurie said...

I'm in love with Miles Davis, especially "Sketches of Spain".

Heavenly, I tell ya.

Deb said...

I get to see Ani in july at the grass valley music festival....SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited....I am all folk girl too, it is all poetry. Jen Lemen's blog always points me to great music finds that I LOVE sounds like you would too.
A GREAT artist activist you would enjoy too Alice DiMicele she just put out a new CD and everyone go listen on myspace or itunes.

Bob said...

The album lillithmother is trying to tell you about is ingeneu. I was listening to it today! Torch songs, not her usual stuff.

If you like folk, there's not much I can turn you onto.

Z said...

I hate to say this, but I've got a total and unreasoning prejudice against anything described as 'folk' Like the post title though, made me chuckle. And I have at least heard of Nick Drake and (of course ) Leonard Cohen.

The band that I've listened to most intently since discovering them last year is the Mountain Goats. 'Get Lonely' is about a man's descent into depression when his wife leaves him and 'The Sunset Tree' is about his growing up with a brutal stepfather.

I'm not selling this too well, am I. But John Darnielle is a wonderful singer/songwriter and I find them strangely uplifting in the courage that speaks through the melancholy.

And I'll check out Amazon right now and buy a couple of CDs from your list.

Z said...

yep, I've ordered the Nick Drake, the Zero 7 ... and a classical piano recital I've had on my wish list for a while! ... well, it's Mothering Sunday over here and I'll pamper myself.

Tabba said...

Oh, girl......Dear, Dear Jen......

Let me start off by saying I agree with others:

Jack Johnson, Corrine Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Snow Patrol, and Josh Ritter.

But also try:
Ray LaMontagne (my new fav), Jose Gonzalez, The Shins, Blue Merle, Matt Costa (oh, he's so good), Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, and KT Tunstall. OH, and listen to "Lullaby" by Dixie Chicks.

These are all I can think of for now. You know I could sit here all day and do this. I was so excited when I saw the post topic!

Tabba said...

Oh, and...

Aimee Mann, David Gray, Madaleine Peyroux (not folk, but I think you would like), Professor Longhair (NOT folk, but fun and different), Neko Case.

Ok, I'm done....really.

Gwen said...

First time commenter. Julie Pippert is always linking you, and I do what she tells me.

I third and fourth and fifth Josh Ritter. Love. Also, in that genre, Joseph Arthur and Sufjan Stevens.

My husband is a big alt folk fan, so I should be brimming with suggestions and yet everything is swirly and dark up there (need. more. coffee. and a child who isn't peeing in her bed every night).

I like the Shins a lot. They've got a trippy little sound going that I dig.

What else? Iron and Wine. Very mellow; they have a song about cremation that makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Weird.

And I couldn't live without Ryan Adams, even if that makes me sound like a pining twenty three year old girl .....

And the classic alt folk rocker? Dylan, man. I could listen to him all day long and three times on Sunday.

Hel said...

I also love massive attack.

Have you ever listened to Manu Chao?

"Manu Chao sings in French, Spanish, Arabic, Galician, Portuguese, English, and Wolof, often mixing them in the same song. His music has many influences: rock, French chanson, Iberoamerican salsa, reggae, ska, and Algerian raï. These influences were obtained from immigrants in France, his Iberian relations, and foremost his travels in Mesoamerica as a wandering nomad following the disbanding of Mano Negra." wikipedia

Beck said...

I'm distressingly folky AND I'm supposed to do this meme today, too. So maybe there will be something you like, maybe not.

jen said...

fabulous. truly. i'll crack open some of these and pull myself vicariously into a new genre. i love it.

Susanne said...

This is really interesting because the only band (or musician) from your list that I have heard before is massive attack. Which I haven't been listening to since, um, ages.

For the past few weeks I have been listening to Tori Amos, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Christine Kane (which might be the only one on my list appealing to you).

But then I got up to check from when my last Massive Attack album was, didn't find it because it's either in the basement or in my husband's room and found dozens of CDs that I had forgotten to mention. (Oh, and Peter Gabriel's "Up". Genius. Though it took a couple of times to get into.)

Okay, never ask me about music. I should write a post about this...

Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm a sucker for Simon and Garfunkel. Every time. And Aimee Mann's Magnolia soundtrack.

By the way, Dar Williams? LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

mamatulip said...

Massive Attack kicks. And 'Little Plastic Castles' is a great album; it's next on my list after 'Not A Pretty Girl'.

Right now I'm into Keane and Silversun Pickups. Check 'em out. :)

flutter said...

Massive Attack is my anthem for, hmm everything. Check out Dead Can Dance and Everything But the Girl. Kind of the same genre, although Dead Can Dance requires a certain amount of pseudo teenage Celtic angst.
Snow Patrol has been my iPod staple for about the past two months. There is something about his voice that just gets me. Anyone who can sing "show me a garden, bursting into life" without making me puke, is money.

Denguy said...

I was listening to Neil Young's After the Goldrush when I read this post.
I guess I'm a little bit folk, too.

My favourite Leonard Cohen: "Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye."

carrie said...

I love me some Corinne Bailey Rae, but I have 2 words for you:


Check her out, she sings with Emmylou Harris on her newest cd.


crazymumma said...

I'll make you a CD of my faves. Better yet, I'll send M a kids CD. I'm that kind of good. She will rock out. Just ask Tulip....