Monday, August 06, 2007

pulling teeth

Awhile back Flutter asked me to answer the meme that Blog Antagonist created in order to force herself to share 10 things she liked about herself. It's no easy thing to write an entire post celebrating yourself and as such I promptly ignored it. I filed it under "I am not a memer" and shut the door. But then I went back and thought about it and decided anytime I feel this strongly about something means I should get off my ass and do it. Ugh. My stomach hurts. Fine. Whatever. Feel free to skip to the end.

1. I am a kick ass mother. (I am already wanting to qualify this with except for this and only if that but screw you, Jenny Talia's insecurities. Screw you)
2. I make myself laugh and I find other people hilarious. I am twisted in my humor and that pleases me immensely.
3. I don't take things too seriously. I certainly have my work to thank for that but at the end of the day if everyone is healthy and we've got a place to sleep I feel pretty satisfied. The rest is gravy. We've only got this moment and on good days I can remember that.
4. I fall in love with other women easily and love being in your cheering sections. I believe in our community and am committed to it thriving.
5. I have definite political and societal views that are ingrained as a part of what I consider to be just and honest and important in our world and I am not afraid to talk about it.
6. I am proud of what I've been able to do with my career. (SCREW YOU, SELF DOUBT. SCREW YOU)
7. I notice the small things and appreciate them. Like a trail of ants or glitter on my kid's face. Like mismatched socks on a homeless dude. Gold teeth.
8. I am thankful all the time.
9. I am unafraid to laugh in the face of the american dream and sell it all and hit the road. I am committed to satisfying my wanderlust and showing M a bigger world.
10. I just might be a little crazy.

Okay, this is hard. In fact, it kind of sucks and I feel like I am sitting here naked. Like a big naked asshole. Do me a favor and in the comments tell me one thing you can't stand about me. All of you. For the love of god. Do it now.


Julie Pippert said...

I cannot STAND how well you capture emotion in your writing and engage my emotions too.

I cannot STAND that you got to hug all those women at BlogHer.


Hmm. I think maybe just possibly these were more about *me* than *you.*

You probably...probably...

Umm coming up short because dude, I believe 100% in that list. And you are cool in my eyes, really, very cool. And awesome. And ALL THAT. I mean, maybe you slam the toilet lid down too loud in the mornings or something but *I* don't know that.

So I get to go along merrily enjoying your company. :)

Julie Pippert said...
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Julie Pippert said...

P.P.S. I am having TROUBLE tonight. Sorry!

P.S. I meant to say

Hope this hasn't prompted any additional naked feeling but then again, as you know, mine is apparently a clothing optional family. ;)


Ravin' Picture Maven

slouching mom said...

i think number 7 is so, so important. too few pay attention, and y'know, i think it's so good for our mental health to notice the small things that make life beautiful.

do you remember the flight of the plastic bag in the film *american beauty*?

that's what i'm talking about.

sorry, i can't come up with anything negative. this list has made me like you even more.

Christine said...

i heart jenny talia.

I hate that you let bill clinton stand in front of you at blogher when others took your picture. oh can you use your connections to get me an autograph?

Blog Antagonist said... want me to quickly coutneract the effects of my meme by saying something deragatory? Well I'm sorry, but that would be antimemeffecacious. (shut up. its a word.)

None of things surprise me about you. Not one. :?)

urban-urchin said...

You are all that and more sweetheart.

mamatulip said...

I can't stand that I didn't get to meet you this summer!

Lawyer Mama said...

I hate that I can't post the beautiful picture of us I have from BlogHer. But I'll forgive you because I understand.

Gold teeth! I love that you see the world just a bit differently from everyone else.

mayberry said...

I can't stand that your kid got those gorgeous curls. Along with you for a kick-ass mom.

metro mama said...

I can't stand you 'cause your beautiful.

Beck said...

Dude. I can't stand that you asked people to say mean stuff about you - that's not right!
You're good people.

crazymumma said...



Until I am face to face toe to toe I will not find something I do not like.

And when I do. I'll let you know.

Till then sweet one, #7 shines on me like a trail of ants clothed in glitter mirrored in gold teeth.

crazymumma said...


I meant Talia. I hate misspelling names.

Kyla said...

I can't stand how amazing you are. ;)

bgirl said...

hmmmm...sitting here, trying to think of something i hate and...well, nothing. love that i found your blog, love reading your heartfelt, thought-provoking, insightful stories.

oh here, i hate that your #5 and #6 stare me in the face, leaving me in even more admiration of you and reminding me how much i have to learn and contribute to. (well actually i love and need that so....does that really qualify as hate?) :)

liv said...

I can't stand it that you make me want to be a better blogger instead of driveling about pop music.

And it cannot be stood that you (by all reports) have some pretty freakin awesome hair. Damn you.

flutter said...

I can't stand that you have made me love you more than I thought was possible.

Z said...

Looks like your naked butt is still waving quietly in the air. Hard luck, dear heart.

Miss Welby said...

I couldn't stand if you don't visit my blog :)

KC said...

This meme is awesome.

I can't stand that you live in California and our kids (and us) can't play together regularly.

QT said...

I am with you on #7.

I am pretty much with kc on this one - the whole Cali thing? So not working for me AT ALL.

kristen said...

All 10 things here make me love you even more Jenny Talia. xo

Anonymous said...

Your language, when you use colloquial expressions that I can't understand. You may think it makes your style more fun and your ideas more strong, but, to me at least, this is an obstacle.

bubandpie said...

I can't stand that way you have of making everybody else feel comfortable. I hate feeling comfortable. ;)

madamspud169 said...

I hate the way you usually cannot see the real you but always have to mention the "bad bits".
None of us are perfect but you seem to wish you were & to be honest you're a better person than many of us already.

Little Monkies said...

I had a friend who went through a workshop where she sat in a chair and two people sat next to her and alternately whispered lovely, true, empowering things about her in her ears.

She said it was so uncomfortable that she squirmed and cried before finally relaxing into the feeling of letting someone say something beautiful and loving about her.

Why are we like that? I imagine I would feel the same way as she did. Just imagine what it would be like to be able to be bathed in that kind of love without feeling uncomfortable.

So, in that spirit, I won't tell you anything but you have my respect and appreciation. :)

venessa said...

Um, I hate that I can't come with you on #9? Sorry, jen, that's all I got. You're amazing.

capacious said...

I can't stand that I haven't been reading your blog until now?

But I'm going to make it all better.

Laurie said...

I got nothing...

mitzh said...

You deserve all the LOVE your getting!

thailandchani said...

I can't say there's anything I can't "stand" about you. That's kind of strong.


I don't know you well enough to say something I dislike or feel uncomfortable about.


I also don't find the dualism necessary. If I like you, I like you.. and I don't have to "balance" it with something to dislike.

Laugh at that aspect of American culture, you know.. the "well something good has to be balanced by something bad" and blow it off.




Mrs. Chicky said...

I love you for #10. Who ever said that slightly crazy is a bad thing never went a little nuts and enjoyed it.

Lillithmother said...

i can't stand that most of your posts make my eyes get all misty so that i can't see the damn keyboard and i'm all vaclempt and can't type and tell you what my heart is bursting to say.

i can't stand that you live so damn far away!

i can't stand that your blog takes so long to load that i only can tolerate it every other day! ;-)


I love the "SCREW YOU"'s...


ps. I love that you tagged on one else!!!!

Jenn said...

I CAN'T stand that for even one moment you thought anyone would have anything but lovely words to say about you.

Just can't stand that.

You're awesome dude.


Susanne said...

I really, really love that meme. Only I have been tagged for it too. Argh.

It shouldn't be that if we said something nice about ourselves or were proud of something we feel the need to "balance it out".

When I do that I always wait for my mother's voice telling me, "Who do you think you are?"

Well, me I'd say. Nothing wrong with that.

Janet said...

I just started reading your blog recently. So I don't really know you.

I like your blog. A lot.

Hmmm, negative, negative. Okay, I think you might have been a little mean to self doubt in #6. ALL CAPS. Was that really necessary? Next time, try to be a little gentler. :)

Slackermommy said...

I can't stand that you want me to come up with something I can't stand. I've got nothing. You do good, Jen. You do real good.

carrie said...

I got nothing.

Except I love it all, especially #3 - which is what I lay in bed and tell myself over and over again "don't sweat the small stuff". I wish I could let it all go . . . all of it.

And crazy, if you ask me, is a good thing.


Tabba said...


can't do it.


Aliki2006 said...

7,8,9,10 just rock, as you do--I loved your answers!

kgirl said...

I dig your kind of crazy.

biodtl said...

I can't stand that you actually act upon the things I belive in but mostly just talk about. It makes me ashamed. You're awesome and self-doubt can suck it.

Mad Hatter said...

Did someone say "big naked asshole." Now I'm all turned on.

I hate that you haven't consummated this marriage already, you big tease.

Anonymous said...

Something I can't stand about you, hmmmm. I'm thinking...............still thinking. No, I got nothing.

I got it, I can't stand that I didn't get a chance to talk to you for more than a second in Chicago. There.

Take care sweetie. Everytime I passes a street person in Chicago I thought of you and everytime I passed someone I gave them something. Thank you for that.

mcewen said...

I'd like to help you out with that one, but unfortunately I am an American so I couldn't possibly be so negative.
Best wishes said...

can't do it, can't say something i don't like... i just found you through qt, and i am in love with your list! THIS is beautiful idea for a meme, so positive. thanks for digging in and participating.

Jennifer said...

So I FINALLY get to say out loud that I can't stand that you're probably really going to DO #9, when I will just be daydreaming about it?


Magpie said...

God I love you. But I HATE that you're going away for a year's sojourn. Or wait, maybe that's just jealousy.

AmandaD said...

I can't stand that I have fallen so hard so fast. Bitch.

Now who's the asshole?

Momish said...

I can't stand the way you can even make insecurity sound great!!!!

Everything on that list is wonderful, and fits you to a tee!

Binky said...

There is something about "big naked asshole" that cracks me up. If you ever want to write a self-deprecating memoir, you can call it "Jenny Talia's Big Naked Asshole." But only after you've written a best seller about all that you've accomplished and believe in.

Oh, The Joys said...

I can't stand cooking for you. No.


Mavin said...

I love number nine, you're damn right there's a bigger world than the american dream.

Hel said...

I can't stand that you are so far away and that I never get to just sit with you somewhere and be.

Oh why are you not here?

And I love you for all the points that you mentioned and that you have the wisdom to recognize how special your gifts are. Even the subtle ones.

Pgoodness said...

I got nuthin.

luckyzmom said...

I can't stand that you provoke so many profound thoughts.

The Chick said...

I love the noticing of small things like glitter and gold teeth. Fantastic.

lildb said...

you ask for one thing, and I say?

one thing would never do.

how about a thousand of them instead?

You're a gorgeous, sun-drenched beauty of a human with a soul and spirit to match.

You ARE a kick-ass mom. M is blessed.

You are a damn fine partner to your partner-fella. He knows it. I don't have to talk to him to know it. I know it just based on knowing you.

You care about EVERYONE. that pretty much covers a zillion items on the list, in my mind.

I think you're absolutely wonderful.

that's all, for now. I've gotta go catch my breath.


PunditMom said...

I can't stand that I hardly had much time to talk with you at BlogHer.

Sorry -- that's the only one I can come up with. You're an amazing broad and you'll just have to live with that! ;)