Friday, September 07, 2007

rolling around

I haven't been feeling especially funny lately. I am incredibly taxed at work, it's reaching it's breaking point for a thousand reasons I am not at liberty to discuss here no matter how much I want and need your support. It's safe to say I am heavy, so very heavy both from some tremendous challenges and the weight of the responsibility. So it's a breath of fresh air when I find things that make me laugh. And nothing makes me laugh quite like posts like the ones written over at Where's My Cape. KC's greatest hits are an ongoing phenomenum, her interpretation of her google hits always has me laughing. Or ahem, I mean Rolling On The Floor.

But it does beg the question: Is anyone actually rolling on the floor? I've never quite understood the expression and to be honest it kinda bugs because I think if we are going to get all dramatic then why not go for it and say we've just Shat On Our Keyboards. In fact, I volunteered to rename the ROFLs at BlogHer but I think they thought I was drunk. Yo, I'm sober now. Where are my Shatting On My Keyboard awards?

The super delicious Chicky and Metro have other ways to make you laugh over their ways too. Maybe you'll even roll on the floor. Or better, you'll shat on your keyboard.

Speaking of shatting, ok, not really but I am enjoying saying it so deal. Today is the last day to send me your Just Posts. All will be featured on Monday in four blogs from all over the world.


thailandchani said...

How about if you can have the support without us knowing all the details?

Because you do.

We don't need details, only that it's something you want. Work issues are the hardest for all the reasons you already know.



Hel said...

I love you so much that I'm willing to shat all over my keyboard while I scream with laughter.

And your girl. To quote crazy mama - she makes my ovaries go ping.




Bob said...

you may can't talk about it, but i'm hearing what you're saying.

meno said...

Like a good bra, we support you no matter what.


Kyla said...

ROLF. I mean, SOMK.

The support is here for you, quietly waiting. As Chani said, we don't need details, only to know that you are in need of support. And it is there.

slouching mom said...

Good choice. KC's a riot. I'm not sure she's ever made me sh*t my pants, but I'll have to think about that.

I support you. Whatever the reason.

Amy York said...

Sending you support vibes and hugs from CO. :) Hope everything works itself out soon.
I have to say "shat" is one of the funniest words in the world. In my opinion.
That and tinkle. Just tickles me for some reason...
Have a great weekend :)
Do something for you ~ just to distract yourself from yourself for awhile... maybe a pedi or massage? That does wonders for a tired soul.

Persephone said...

Hi Jen,

Just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you and sending you vibes of power to get you through a tough time.

Your blog is such a pleasure.


Magpie said...

More support from this quarter.

Thought of you yesterday - there was a provocative piece on the front page of the Times about charitable giving and tax deductions and who makes what decisions and who should make what decisions. If you missed it, I can send you the link.

metro mama said...

Dude, I totally forgot. I just fixed it!

I wish you could talk about things. Hope it gets better.

Jennifer said...

* support, understanding, support *

No details necessary to know the feeling of being pulled down -- and struggling to keep your head up.

*support, understanding, support*

And I could use a laugh myself (or a roll on the floor? hmmm...) thanks for the links!

KC said...

Babe, you rock. And I would be totally honored to make you sh*t on your keyboard. That's almost like laughing so hard you fart.

Always here if you need to talk. xo

QT said...

The air is heavy these days, isn't it?

Love you babe and I totally support you, shatting or no -wait, acutally, I think it would be shitting or no, right?

I am so NOT a grammarian!

bubandpie said...

When I was a teenager, I would start laughing until I couldn't stop, and I really would be rolling on the floor.

It's been a long time since I laughed like that, though - even a really good blog post doesn't always do it. ;)

kristen said...

I'm thinking of you and offer support and listening if you need it. I'm good at keeping secrets, sometimes it's nice to dump. xo

Momish said...

I hope things lighten up for you, my dear. I hate to think of you struggling and weary in any sense. I'm here if you need a friendly ear!

Just a side note: I still find myself on the floor, holding my stomach with tears streaming down my cheeks from time to time. And sometimes, it is the stupidest things that get me that way. But I still like your suggestion a lot!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I didn't name it, I just post it.

Besides, "Shat on my Keyboard" doesn't fit on a button. And, really, I'm more of a pee my pants kind of girl. ;)

Beck said...

Words cannot express my husband's full horror if I actually did express my hilarity by soiling my poor hardworking keyboard which he JUST HAD TO REPLACE because I let the Baby spill juice all over the other one.
And I hope things get better, whatever those things may be.

mitzh said...

Hope things get better, giving you all the support that you need.

Take care and I wish you a lovely weekend.

flutter said...

KC cracks my shat up :)

Actually I usually say LMAO, then I great would it be if that actually happened? My weight loss efforts would cease!

Bon said...

even heavy and weighed down, you make me smile and delight in wordplay.

and i've been AWOL, but happy belated birthday to that beautiful girl of yours. you do her justice.

Anonymous said...

You need a laugh? Here's a bad joke.

How do you kill a circus?
Go for the juggler.

urban-urchin said...

I'm sorry things suck and like the others I'm here if you need to vent.

Oh and of course I heart KC but I think my new love is deb. That joke is AWESOME!!!

FENICLE said...

Good choice for ROFL!! And work sucks all around these days....I feel your pain there. (hugs)

Jocelyn said...

What is perhaps strange is how much I admire you--respect your passion and devotion--despite not knowing you a whit, in "real" life. So even without details of what taxes you, I can assure you that I send huge good thoughts and support your way, and I know, no matter how challenging things are, you will always give your all in any situation.

Different note: my 7-year-old daughter DOES literally roll on the floor, usually in a fit of drama or to punctuate a thought, but laughter takes here there, too.

Good thing. The floors would never get a cleaning without her shirts down there doing the clean-up.

ewe are here said...

Sorry you're having a tough time right now ... I know everyone out here is willing to lend a shoulder.

As for rolling on the floor with laughter, you're right, it is a funny expression. Except when it comes to a cartoon called Peppa Pig, tho' -- all pigs must lie down on the ground and laugh hysterically when they laugh... it seems to be a rule. Very strange. But MF loves the darn show.

Christine said...

kc is hilarious!

and we're here for you dude. always.

Julie Pippert said...

Support and hugs to you, my friend. I hope the heavy turns more bearably light soon.

And thanks for the ref to a funny. Always like those. :)

Using My Words

blooming desertpea said...

how about - *hitting fist on keyboard laughing?*


Have a good weekend!

Binky said...


The Expatriate Chef said...

Hang in there, Sister. Take a deep breath and just hang in. We're on your side.

Janet said...

Is "shat" the official past tense of "shit?"

Either way, it's fun to say.

I wish you a patch of light, in these heavy days.

PS Thanks for sharing the link to KC greatest. So funny!

Denguy said...

You are funny.

Lawyer Mama said...

I actually said that the other day on OTJ's site - just like I swore I would.

And damn it, I'm going to make a ISOMK (I Shat On My Keyboard) button for you.

I missed the JP awards this month. Darn it.

jen said...

LM, I would LOVE a button like that!

liv said...

I'm with you sweetie. The weight of it all is breaking me right now.

crazymumma said...

And this is what comes from being at Blogher?


crazymumma said...

Oh. And we don't need details as to the heaviness. Suffice it to say many things get left unsaid but we all know the support is there.

Susanne said...

What crazymumma said. And you have never laughed so hard that you couldn't get up again? I think this "rolling on the floor" stems from a time where people didn't sit in chairs all the time. I can imagine laughing so hard that it hurts while laying on the floor and hold my belly all the time.

Not that I have done that in a long, long time. I also have the feeling that gravity has been slightly higher than usual lately.