Friday, December 21, 2007

eight is the magic number

I've recently started getting to know Nengaku (he's a semi-hermit type, and that's just one of the many reasons I love the blogosphere because I am fairly sure we'd never have met otherwise and he's a cool cat). Anyways, he tagged me with this big ass meme with lists of eight things (but I am not one for taking very good directions) so I abbreviated it (a lot).

Without further rambling, I give you My List Of Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die.

1. Walk on the beach in Madagascar
2. Live in Laos in a small rented flat
3. Ride in a rickshaw in Calcutta
4. Eat warm bread from a bakery in Morocco
5. Plant flowers in South Africa
6. Go back to Cambodia and revisit the farthest reaching temples at Angkor, the ones that take hours to find and that still have the landmine warnings
7. Drink a beer in Bolivia
8. Volunteer in Nepal

Sigh. I can't wait. Now leave me one or two or eight of your own.


kristen said...

1. see vietnam and cambodia
2. live outside the US

Jodi said...

your post invokes dreams of travel....

1. Visit Italy

2. Go back to The Netherlands

3. revisit Machu Picchu

liv said...

1) see Easter Island

2) live in Greece again

3) also, would join you in planting flowers in South Africa. (Hi, Hel!)

Oh, The Joys said...

Of all the places we visited, Luang Prabang was our number one choice for expat living. Oh, MY GOT!!!

Mad Hatter said...

1. Have Jen come to Canada
2. Meet Jen.

OK, Ok, here's a couple more.
1. Take my daughter to Paris.
2. Take my daughter at least a dozen more places.
3. Travel alone again. Somewhere, anywhere, as long as I am all by myself for at least a week.

Hetha said...

1. Go back to Africa and explore more.
2. Move to Canada.(They've got it going on ya'll)

Julie Pippert said...

1. Get postcards from Jen, blog or snail mail, about her experiences in all these places.

Using My Words

Bon said...

ooh...i did a bit of #6. mostly because we got lost.

but the landmine warnings, i will freely admit, scared the living daylights out of me, fond as i am of having limbs. one lucky enough to still have them all...the little "secret" temple we found was beautiful. and peaceful in a way i have trouble finding words for.

mine...another newborn in my arms, and swimming naked in the Indian ocean at night.

Magpie said...

What Mad said. Well, except the Canada part.

ms chica said...

1. Put all the pre-lit plastic reign deer in my neighborhood in uh, compromising positions.

2. Write & illustrate a children's book that is actually suitable for children.

3. I want to see people matter more to society.

flutter said...

1) Sing jazz in New Orleans

2) get married

3) Write a book

4) find grace

5) I'll join you and liv and (hi Hel!) in Africa

6) be at peace

7) finally graduate

8) feel comfortable in my own skin

Amy Barry said...

I just recently discovered Nengaku too - from a comment he left for you actually!

Most of my list would also revolve around travel too. Pretty much any foreign country will do. So much to see and do I wouldn't know where to begin picking 8.

P said...

1. Forgive myself
2. Live abroad again
3. Mali
4. Senegal
5. Cape Verdi
6. Mauritania
7. Make some exquisite to look at
8. Love my work

mamatulip said...

Meet my grandchildren. :)

meno said...

1) Spend a month snorkeling/diving on the great barrier reef.

2) Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro.

3) Cruise the Galapagos before they are covered in water by global warming.

4) See Bush disgraced by history.

It's a start.

That's a start.

Kyla said...

Blog through Canada.

I'm easy. ;)

I don't doubt you'll finish that list and then some.

deb said...

Work in an overseas clinic.

Go on a spiritual retreat.

Finish my facking degree.

Hold my grandchildren and take them to the lake every summer.

Z said...

I've done all I wanted to - everything's a bonus now.

painted maypole said...

i love that your list is just so different than mine, and most people's. It is SO you. good abbreviation. ;)

bgirl said...

such inspiring lists by so many...

1. work with kids (again)
2. peace with my choices
3. live abroad
4. return to the mountains
5. spiritual path

hele said...

1. Plant Flowers and drink beer with Jen.
2. Show my wolves the ocean.
3. Have a child.
4. Buy land in the middle of nowhere.
5. Write a book.
6. Finish and live in our cob house.
7. Become silent enough to see the truth.
8. Become a horticultural therapist.

For christmas I send you the smell of shanti's fur after running through a field all day - sun, african grasses and happiness.

Amy Y said...

1. Leave the US (just for a week... or two)
2. Win the lottery so I don't have to work and can just spend my time reading and volunteering
3. Watch my boys grow to strong, sweet men

nomotherearth said...

1. Run the Boston marathon with my boys waiting for me at the finish line.

2. Find a job that inspires and fulfills as much as yours does for you.

The Expatriate Chef said...

See my daughter living an amazing life, watch her grow up healthy and happy, play with my grandkids. That's what really matters now.

Write a book.

Maybe go diving again. I loved it.

nengaku said...

Thank you Jen for responding to my meme. I promise I won't tag you again. But I really enjoyed reading your response and also all these responses above! What an exciting bunch!
I had some experience with landmines around my in-law's graves up by the DMZ in Korea. Not only were these things stupid and dangerous as hell but they had MOVED! (mudslides during the monsoon) So nobody was entirely certain where they were any more. Geez. When will we learn.......

Wayfarer Scientista said...

jen, when I answered this in a seven meme I tried really hard to leave my travel list off but really it's top of my to do lists. So here goes:

1. Work in Antartica for a northern hemispehere winter.
2. raft down the Hutlinana river
3. A backpacking trip in the Himalyas
4. Cross the Sahara
5. Do field work in Mongolia
6. Spend time in Nunnavut
7. Work with polar bears before they go extinct
8. Dogsled across northern Russia