Friday, May 02, 2008

it's a small world after all

Today Julie is talking about uninsured children and she's teaching me a lot over at Moms Speak Up. Did you know that 9.4 million kids in our country struggle without health insurance, including one little girl we all love very much, whose mom was incredibly brave this week, taking her fight for her child to the state capitol and speaking before legislators and media all in support of this very basic human right?

I sometimes wonder how much words can truly matter, but in a week where Kyla's words turned into advocacy I don't have to wonder too much. It matters when we speak our minds. It matters when we find an audience. And together we must keep up the fight, for all the causes that matter to us. Because if not us, who? If not now, when?

Brava, Kyla. Brava, Julie. Brava, us.

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flutter said...

we do love that little girl, and her mama

liv said...

I love them for leading the charge and not staying silent. It's easy to be quiet. It takes guts to get out there. Go, girls!

chris said...

It's a shameful to that the richest country in the world can't even insure all of its children.

Man, Japan has universal health care and they have a very healthy capitalist economy, why can't we do it?

Amy Y said...

I find it absolutely abhorable that things like extreme poverty and uninsured children is even existent in our country ~ the "richest" and "best" country in the world... How can it be when these things are becomming more and more commonplace?

I am so proud of Kyla and Julie for their work to make this issue better... and of you for helping spread the word about this and so many other important issues.

Kyla said...

Dude. Brava, indeed.

QT said...

Thanks for spreading the word, ms. jen. It is deplorable.

Julie Pippert said...

Thank you Jen!

I will totally bring you a free drink from the bar at your party for this, in gratitude. :)

Janet said...

Having just spent more than a few days driving through your country, I still can't erase the image of the many billboards I saw where hospitals and physicians promoted themselves like big business. Come visit us! We are leaders in healthcare!, they cried, all while families like Kyla's are can't use their services without going broke.

So, yes, brava to these women who are crying out, in unified outrage, for change.

Christine said...

i am so impressed and amazed how you guys are all writing and advocating for this cause. makes me love you even more.