Friday, June 06, 2008

close encounters

As I walk in he says I've been waiting for you for at least an hour and looks at his wrist at a watch that isn't there. I don't know this guy so I say is that so, what for? He smiles. I've got dinner ready, anything you want. Anything? He nods. I stop for a minute playing along. Fried chicken, I say. I want some fried chicken. He says Popeye's or KFC? I laugh. You mean you aren't cooking it yourself? Let me in that kitchen girl, I'll cook you some right now. I'm late but I'm grinning. It feels good here tonight.

My meeting runs over and it's getting dark. I'm not usually here this late and I leave the room and find five or ten dudes crashed out in the hall. It's busy tonight and we've run out of beds so now all we've got is the floor. I step gingerly over a sleeping man and look at another, staring off into space, he's wearing a robe, a red one and it looks soft. A guy comes around the corner, an old timer, he's grizzly and he says I'm home. I've had a long day and I missed dinner. I'm hungry. Can I get dinner? And I don't want a sandwich neither. I'm not sure of the drill so I ask around and figure out where to find the plates we hold back for folks who show up late. I track one down and hand it to him. Heat it up a little more for me, will you? Hot as you can. I trek back to the microwave and find him sitting pretty on a chair. I hand him his plate and he smiles. Thanks little lady, this is all an old man needs at the end of day, food and a place to rest my legs.

It's even later now and I need to go home. I'm heading to my car and I see one of the original joes, a guy I've known on and off for 10 years and haven't seen in awhile. Where the hell have you been I say smiling and grab his arm. He gives me a look and the look says jail. Ah, and now you are back and starting over again. He smiles. Yeah, but this time it's gonna be different.

I've been busy this week and not visiting as much as I like. I miss you guys. And it's not too late to send me your Just Posts, you have until Saturday to email me at girlplustwo(at)yahoo(dot)com. The roundtable will be alive and kicking come Tuesday.

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thailandchani said...

Some people are content with so little.. and there's wisdom in that. :)

Thanks for your comment at my site. You really "got" what I was saying.

As for Just Posts, I think I'm going to use the one about language. I'll clean it up a little in the comments section and send it along.

It's only tangentially related but still a good point. What we say matters - about everything.

Amy Y said...

I love these stories... Thank you for sharing even though you're busy!!

I wish I could live a day in your shoes... get to give the way you do... experience things that I just don't know or understand first hand. I just don't know how you don't go home at the end of the day feeling like you made a difference in someone's (or many someones') lives. That has got to be the best feeling in the world.

bgirl said...

a tiny slice in the day in the life...always a good read.

Defiantmuse said...

I'd have totally had attitude about the sandwich comment and then heating up the plate more.
but, oh right, I'm an asshole. lol.
you're too good, Jen.
I don't know how you do it.

hele said...

Hug sister. Take care of you*

If you have a moment, close your eyes and have a long cold sip of beer with me. Today is an unusually mild and warm autumn day, the leaves are clattering in the breeze and a puppy is resting its soft fluffy head across your feet.

amanda said...

I love that no matter what we can always have a "this time."

flutter said...

I hope it is different

meno said...

I hope he's right about "this time."

mamatulip said...

I love these little snippets you give us, these moments in your day, encounters with those you know and see and care about and wonder about.

Hope you get a chance to put your feet up this weekend, darlin'.

painted maypole said...

love these slices of your life and work

i know busy. no worries. ;)

carrie said...

Even if it's just a tiny bit, thank you for letting me walk in your shoes for a minute - it is constantly a gift.

crazymumma said...

Hi. Miss you as well. I'm not around much myself.

I like that you served him a bit of dinner.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I know I've gushed this like a hundred times already (at least I have in my mind, can't remember if it came out here or not) BUT: I just love your writing voice. I just love it.