Friday, June 20, 2008


it's uncouth really, to carry on about such things. it's one of the reasons i didn't say anything 5 weeks ago when i started. i wanted to of course, i wanted to let you all know i was embarking on new frontier, one that involves counting and planning and you know, sacrificing.

that's right, i'm talking about dieting. i've been counting those bastard points and drinking water and basically being irritable for weeks now, longing for the simple joys of the local taqueria, extra guacamole and cheese has all but been torn from my flesh, those ridiculously delicious rolled tacos and an occasional beer and while passe, good lord i could go on and on.

so stealthily i've trod along, day in and day out recording each and every morsel i put into my mouth, roasting more vegetables than i actually knew were previously possible to roast and still waking up in the middle of the night hungry and yes, oh yes i am embracing my flair for dramatics and in the end i'm okay with that, i've got other priorities i can carry on about too because i'm nothing, nothing i say if not multi-dimensional.

so i sit before you today eight pounds lighter, eight is a sweet little number, round and roly poly and on it's side it's infinity and everything.

Ten more and i'm money. rolled tacos, watch your back. will that part ever go away? are there rolled tacos in the jungle?

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bgirl said...

okay you rock.

can i also mention how i'm envious and realizing maybe it's time for me to count too. i've been working my ass off for 4 weeks and this damn pot belly is resisting all my efforts. i am thinking i must learn the power of will against sweets and carbs...damn.

kristen said...

i love you. and i'm REALLY proud of you!

i'm the queen counter - i've got tips for you lady, if you'd like.

counting is the reason i'm 8lb. thinner myself. xoxo

Pgoodness said...

good for you. one of these days i'm going to stop with the tacos and start with the counting. soon.

Gina said...

Good for you! I'm down 20 from the counting. And while I will rave about how well it works, I still lament the fact that even though I enjoy fresh healthy food, I stil always feel a little deprived. Because I love to eat and I love cheese and I love pasta and I love to try new foods and lord knows I love beer. Sigh.

Christine said...

you can do it! if i am can do it anyone can, love.

It's hard losing weight, no doubt about it. but it is so worth it--for you health if nothing else.

and there HAS to be rolled tacos in the jungle. :-)

jennifer said...

Nooooo..... If you can do it it probably means that I can. I'm not sure how that makes me feel.
You're awesome

QT said...

Oh, I agree, it is SO hard. I don't count, I exercise more because I am such a piglet I can't help myself. I love food too much.

I don't think there are rolled tacos in the jungle. But there are definitely home made tortillas and avocados, so anything goes from there.

Julie Pippert said...

I know this journey and its challenge. So GL and way to go on the loss!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Eight is a lovely number, indeed. As long as I don't see it on my scale, in the middle of a three-digit number! As soon as I pop this kid, I'll be joining you in your monkish deprivation. At least a diabetic diet is good practice!

Good for you, girlie.

Deezee said...

bravo. :)

mamatulip said...


Mad said...

You're so sweet. And a model of will power to boot.

I was just thinking this morning--you know, after my late night wallowing love affair with chips, dip, and beer--that it's time for me to get back on that Sparkpeople wagon. I was doing fairly well with it until the two pregnancies and their aftermath turned me upside down. If I were eating roasted veggies last night I wouldn't have a sodium/carb/booze hangover this morning.

BTW, why isn't your gorgeous picture on the Blogher ad side-bar of featured speakers? You're my speaking super hero.

Defiantmuse said...

me too.
I haven't mentioned it before now either.
7 lbs. lost so far.
um. Just another 20 to go.
it's only been a couple of weeks.
during the week, no alcohol/white bread/potatoes/white rice/sugars of any kind, etc.
on the weekend I cheat a bit but it doesn't seem to affect the weight loss.
but damn if it isn't hard.
I miss beer and tortillas most.

flutter said...

8lbs is great baby! Take it from one whose ass is forever fluctuating from Damn Baby! BA-BAM! And has it's own congressman,
rolled tacos are EVERYWHERE. Once in awhile one has your name on it.

It's ok.

Amy Y said...

Hooray for you ~ 8 is a fantastic number!

And let me play the devil on your shoulder for just a minute? You're about to move to the jungle... you're going to be changing your lifestyle in ways that will probably cause weight loss on their own. Perhaps your last couple months should just be spent enjoying the things you love about where you currently are in life, since you won't have easy access to them soon?

Just sayin'... :)

Family Adventure said...

Way to go, jen! I'm doing it with you, on my own personal plan which involves no counting but too much fruit and lots of water. Still, almost 8 here, too. Which is pleasing to the jeans!

Happy weekend,


painted maypole said...

hooray for you!

8 was my goal, and I lost 4, and then went into this ridiculously tiring new routine, and haven't been exercising or eating well, and have put most of them back on again.


KC said...

Dude. 8 is money. Aren't there some low fat rolled tacos? Well there should be.

meno said...

But, but....

I LOVE food.

Okay, you are brave. Wallow in that.

Kyla said...

Great job!

patches said...


Amanda said...

I think the jungle is going to bring out the best in you...though it's hard to believe you could get any better.

I've never done the point thing, I live by the muscle system, the more they are worked, the better.

Ally said...

Good work, girl. I'm counting points, too, and I SO hear you about the grumps and the ode to guacamole. Will there ever be a time when I can just buy a bag of chips and stuff myself with chips and guac again? I'm thinking when I'm over 70; that's my plan. You in?

cce said...

My hat's off to you. I can't give up tacos or guacamole or those damn chips...I just simply can't do it! And no bathing suit is going to make me change my mind.

Nichole said...

Good job! I've been counting points for a few months. Apparently I've been counting too many of them, though, because I've gained and lost the same four pounds.

Heidi said...

Great post - well written and I love the sarcasm. And no, I don't think they serve tacos in the jungle. You are lucky to get a really good one in the city.

crazymumma said...

8 is amazing!

I'm with you for the next ten. Fuck those last ten. Fuck that bag of chips downstairs.

Just think sweet ass in sweet jeans. mantra. saisj.