Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May Just Posts

It's standard practice for us Just Post hosts to share our own thoughts on an issue or two each month at our roundtable, but this week my heart is over at Mad's sitting silently with her and her loss. So instead of pretending as we women are sometimes too good at doing, I'm simply dedicating this Roundtable to my beautiful Canadian Just Post Bride, realizing words can't suffice but knowing it's all I've got. I love you, Mad.

Just Post Authors
Ally with a post not fit for mother's day
Beth with growing new hope for refugees
Bipolar Lawyer Cook with don we now our gay apparel
Bon with dignity
Cecileaux with Argentina's farmers are not exactly old, that 70's oil crisis is baaack and oh those gay and lesbian sinners
Chani with we are all special just like everyone else and Wellness Wednesday: eliminating pain
Defiant Muse with balancing the scales and kicking and screaming
Emily with not into yoga?
Erin with Calling All Steel Magnolias: Come Out From Behind Your Ruffles
Grilgriot with only wild animals act like that and a little video slap
Hel with Truth recedes only to re-appear
Jen with Untitled, twenty four years two months nine days and I think it was the fourth of july
Jenn with Up from the ashes
Julie Pippert with 'Whatever' is not an actual salary and it really doesn't buy the groceries, either Kyla with doors
Magpie with hardwood in burma
Mary with broken string
MOMocrats with Dockworkers Display War Opposition Strength in Historic Ports Shut Down
Stella with impacts
Susanne with Why I mostly eat organic food
Suzanne Reisman on blogher with Genocide, Childlessness, and Female Guilt
The Dana Files with Apparently I just need more training
The little green house with happy birthday wesley
The r house with color consciousness not color blindness
Thor with more sleeps
Walk with me with what's a girl to do
Why Mommy with spring cleaning
Won't fear love with because children are our future

Just Post Readers
And thank you to Su, the other leg of our wobbly little Just Post table and to all of you, for continuing to speak your mind and being willing to share. I hope you all take the time to read these posts, they'll take your breath away with their beauty and strength. We are here every month and everyone is welcome.
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Bon said...

thanks, Jen, for this this month. wishing all of your Just Post table love and strength.

Mad said...

thank you, Jen. You are the best.

Dana said...

I feel like a blubbering idiot! I didn't even know I was nominated for a Just Post Award, but now I feel humbled. Thanks so much. :)

hele said...

Thank you Jen * I am sad that I am not currently there to hold up my end of the table.I still remember how joyful I was to be invited to co-host. However, reading these posts keeps my flame burning, it reminds me why I am giving up my time and how important what I am trying to achieve is to me.

thailandchani said...

Some great posts here this month! :)

(Just so you know, your pageload is now exceeding two minutes on high speed cable connection. :)

painted maypole said...

the hearts around the world that are hugging Mad inside.... it's overwhelming

I gave someone under the freeway some money yesterday. And thought of you.

Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for including me in such a list.

Expatriate Chef said...

Hey, thanks for the link. You are quite an inspiration, really.