Thursday, September 04, 2008

So Ohio goes

More than thrilled to welcome Amy to my crib for the day. One of the things I love most about her is her wide open heart - she's unafraid to tell it like it is on her blog and by doing so allows others the freedom to speak their mind too.

We are die-hard liberals.

Sure. we're Catholic, and practicing, at that. We attend Mass every Saturday evening, and The Poo puts our weekly contribution to the upkeep of the church in the usher's basket. She thinks that's what money is for, and when she gets a few coins she tells us, "This is my money for church."

But we're Catholic Worker kind of people - good works and forgiveness and how-can-we-presume-to-know-the-will-of-God kind of people. We don't judge. We do our best to lend a hand to mankind through good works, charity and open-mindedeness.

We're voting for Obama, and the refrain in our house when we watch the McCain-Palin trainwreck is: "I can't believe we're LOSING to these guys!"

We are blue-state kind of people.

Unless it is a Saturday.

On Saturday, our house is scarlet.

And gray.

Yes, people, it is college football season again, and in the House of Chicken you route for The Ohio State University, or you go home.

You see, Mr. C is from Cleveland, that old Mistake On The Lake. I spend a portion of every holiday in that good state - you know, the one that decides who will be president.

The state where Hilary won. Remember that? No one thought she could pull it out, and yet, those quirky Ohioans, they gave her the prize.

"Quirky" doesn't begin to describe my own personal Ohioan, who hails from this Rust Belt state but has a degree on his wall that bears the name of the world's most prestigious Ivy League institution.

God, no. Not Yale.

Yale's rival.

But watch the man on a Saturday afternoon and you'd think he not only graduated a Buckeye but actually bleeds water from Lake Erie. I remember one OSU-Michigan game (a championship, maybe?) that almost ended our relationship. I, you see, did the most horrible deed - I sat in Mr. C's seat when he got up to use the bathroom.

When he returned and saw me in his spot, he lost it. I jinxed the game! They would lose! Why didn't I JUST STAY IN MY OWN SEAT?

We made it through, barely, and we both learned our lesson. Or rather, I learned mine. Stay far, far away from home on Saturdays in the fall. Go to the market, go to the mall, go to the moon ... just don't stay home.

Because as Ohio goes, so goes Mr. Chicken.

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Janet said...

I loved the line about your husband bleeding water from Lake Erie. Perfect.

You know, I watched a bit of Palin's speech last night. Perhaps it's my Canadian perspective, but I am loathe to understand the over-the-top applause and cheering for every predictable statement she made. Then again, I also don't get why our Prime Minister is calling a fall election. It feels like we were just at the polls up here.

Do you like how I turned your election around and made it all about my country? I thought so.

Anonymous said...

I physically cannot root againt PSU when they play Illinois, much to the irritation of husband, colleagues, and neighbors here on the prairie. Yes, I spent formative years in PA, but I didn't actually attend PSU. Must be something in the water.

KDF said...


Amy, you know I'm a serious fan, as I've been reading you and commenting for what, two years now? Imagine my total, eye-popping *shock* upon learning of your Buckeyedness... as I grew up in Ann Arbor and attended most every Michigan home game in the 70's and 80's!!!

I still love you, though.

*proudly waves the maize and blue flag; prepares for beating*

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

LOL, must be something about the guys around here. My hubby and FIL are the same way. Every now and again during football season Giggles will wear a Michigan jersey she got from a friend. Once her grandfather offered her a whole new wardrobe if she would only burn it....LOL.

Right now I am still sore at the shores of Lake Erie, being that they broke my wrist and all.

TZT said...

Oh my - Until a couple of years ago, I lived along a stretch of Columbus road where I was far enough from the heart of campus to be safe from the victory riots, but close enough that the OSU fight song could be heard blaring out of many windows on Saturday morning, usually after a night when my sleep had been interrupted by someone shrieking "Yeah! F*ING BUCKEYES" to no one in particular in the street.

Oh, the difference a few miles can make. I have the luxury of being able to forget that it's game day...

mamatulip said...

LOL. This is such a great post. Can't say I relate, because my husband is NOTHING like this - but I loved this perspective.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It's the same way here, but not because of any specific team, just football in general. Ugh. I am not a sports fan and hubby is all sports all the time. Good thing is that he doesn't expect me to watch or understand!


Heather said...

I'm so happy my hubby doesn't watch much sports.

amanda said...

how dare you sit in his seat!!

thank goodness your relationship survived...what would we do without our daily dose of the poo and shaggy :)

Amanda said...

We are more of a heathen baseball family, praying at the altar of the big green monster.

I loved this though, so rarely do we get a glimpse of this side of Mr. Chicken.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

there is a much deserved award for you over at my place. hugs.

katy said...

GO BUCKS! My husband can't stand to watch sports so I only watch my Buckeyes when he isn't home.

nutmeg said...

We have so much in common... even college colors!

Fern said...


Issas Crazy World said...

In my house (and extended family) it's NHL teams, so I feel your pain.

Molly's Mom said...

Yecch. OSU. Sorry.

(I used to live in Ann Arbor and worked at U of M. Can't help my loyalty, really - :) )

Rachael said...

I would run from the house every Saturday!

Anonymous said...

How fun to return to the blogosphere after a break to find Amy on jen's site talking about my state! Everyone in this state has Buckeye Fever. If a coach has an announcement to make, they interrupt regular programing for the press conference because it's just that important!

(But we are also a Red state and I'm throughly Blue about it)

lbotp said...

My in-laws are Buckeyes fans and I can barely stand to be around them during football season. I don't know how you live with one.

carrie said...

I am so glad my husband cares very little for college (or any kind) of football.

It's bad enough, the rivalry between my parents and their alma matters!

Anna said...

Cheers from another wife of a Buckeye fan in your neck of the woods :-)

Anonymous said...

Go Bucks! CHEERS AMY!! Great blog - the first I've been privileged to read - just wish I could read more of them. Amy's MIL