Sunday, October 19, 2008

the flood

Our jungle is flooded. The first time in all the years folks can remember the river has risen so high it crept into homes far away from it's banks. It rose overnight and homes were swallowed in the dark. The little place with the bats and scorpions is flooded too. Our friends contacted us this morning, in the middle of their plight they made a point to let us know as we sit far away and warm.

The river has never been this high in all the years anyone can remember, 4 feet of water in this home and this one and this one and yes, in yours too, but your belongings are fine. We have been evacuated and the roads are gone and some animals too. But we are okay and everyone is fine. We are okay and everthing will be alright, man. We'll take care of your place too so don't worry. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

In the midst of it all, this is what we were told. And while I am filled with the horror of what our neighbors lives must be like right now I also can't help but smile. They see us as neighbors too.

So we responded in kind. Thank you for letting us know. We can help however you need, call us and tell us what we can do and it will be done. Be well. We will be seeing you soon. Be safe, we are thinking of you.

And while it should perhaps deter me it just makes me more certain of where we are going and the reasons we've decided to go.

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Gwen said...

Sorry about the flood. But it's nice to hear that neighborliness still exists somewhere in the world.

Omaha Mama said...

That is a lovely thought. A community. My prayers are with those who are there dealing with the clean up.

Christine said...

you have found a true home.

motherbumper said...

Good neighbours are hard to find, I get your certainty.

I hope your neighbours are safe.

Kyla said...

You know, we didn't know we had good neighbors until Ike. Funny how things like that remind us we aren't all that self-reliant after all.

flutter said...

I am so excited that your home is calling, even around water.


KC said...

It's a good place. I'm glad.

Mad said...

That is amazing that they called you despite all they were going through. Simply amazing.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

such wonderful neighbors you will have. And Dude, yes, I'm going to use that number REAL soon.

bgirl said...

going home
going home
by the waterside I will rest my bones
listen to the river sing sweet songs
to rock my soul

Janet said...

your neighbours-to-be rock the jungle.