Wednesday, December 10, 2008

November Just Posts


It all started two years ago with a wedding. Six months later we all opened our hearts on our anniversary and six months after that we collectively birthed a baby and named her Volunteerism. In between we took the Just Posts global by adding hosts from other parts of the world. And always, always there was you, faithfully writing and reading and joining us month after month. Two years later (and on our second anniversary! Love you Mad!) we sit here still.

So it's with sadness and also joy that we are announcing our collective stepping down as hosts of the Just Posts.

I have sincerely loved hosting our Roundtable every month for the last two years but after much deliberation and conversation with Mad and Su we've decided that each of us, for different reasons are ready to step away. For me, our upcoming move to the jungle leaves me uncertain, connectivity might be elusive and the commitment I feel in making sure the Just Posts are collected is great. These two variables together spells potential disaster, and as such I'd rather do the prudent thing and find this community a new home.

So we've decided collectively that our last Just Post Roundtable will be in January which means we'll have one more month to do it up right. If one (or two or three) of you is interested in keeping the Just Posts alive we'll be happy to hand our little village off to new caretakers, so many of you have been with us since the beginning so if it calls to you please email me and we'll talk about how great it is and how much we'd like to see the Just Posts find a new home.

I am sorry if this comes as a surprise to some of you, we've just wrapped our heads around it ourselves. But there is a season to everything, and sometimes fresh energy is exactly what a project needs to continue to thrive.

I hope this bit of news won't detract too much from the reason we all gather, the voices this month as always are loud and vibrant, spanning American politics to African ones and everything in between. And I'll have a chance to say it later but let me also say now what an honor and a pleasure it has been to be a part of the Just Post Community for the last two years. I'm a bit teary even writing this, what we've done here means that much.

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Mayberry Mom

I hope you'll stop and see how Mad and Su are sharing the news and if you are so inspired to take over hosting the Just Posts, please, please get in touch. And in between we should think about what kind of party we can have next month for our last Roundtable, if we are going out I aim to do it in style.

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Anonymous said...

This morning, right after I got up and affixed my re-usable menstrual pad, I packed my daughter her snack with an aluminum water bottle, and groaned that it was raining again on a Wednesday, when I go to walk dogs at the Humane society. Just the first five minutes of an average day, and everything about it was brought about by the Just Posts.

This has been an incredible, beautiful project. Thank you, ladies.

metro mama said...

Your Just Posts have been such a wonderful thing. Thank-you for doing it for so long.

ewe are here said...

Just Posts really has been an amazing project. IT will be missed.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I don't know how you've managed to do it this long, it must be a tremendous amount of work. But it's so good, and so inspiring, and I'll be sad to see it go. Thank you for all you do, both here and in real life, to make this world better for everybody.

Magpie said...

Thank you (and your fellows) - you've done good. Thank you, and thanks again.

jen said...

De, your comment made me cry.

Metro, Maggie, Ewe and Magpie, thank you. thank you.

Janet said...

'Tis sad to see the end of something so powerful. You raised my consciousness too many times to count.

Kyla said...

Like I said at Mad's, this sad for me. End of an era and all of that, and a really important era for me. You guys have taught me so much through these posts, changed who I was, changed how I think about the world, changed how I vote, and spurred me to action. It has been quite a trip.

If you need a reminder of how much it has mean, here you go.

Amy Y said...

Though I understand, I'll miss Just Posts.
Thank you to you and Mad for opening my eyes and my heart in ways I'd never imagined.

Redneck Mommy said...

Thank you.

Thank you for finding me and sharing yourself with the world.

Tis a wonderful thing you and Mad have done. It makes me proud to be your friend.

Defiantmuse said...

When we first stumbled across each other in this little corner of the blogging world one of the things that confirmed you were my kind of people was that very first Just Post I read back in February. Thank you for giving your time and energy for this project. You have touched so many people's lives by doing this and you have completely re-validated for me that there are more of us out there than I often realize.

thailandchani said...

I have certainly enjoyed it for the past few years. Hopefully someone will be able to pick it up and continue on.


TZT said...

Congrats to all three of you for all of the work you've done on this and what it's meant to so many.

flutter said...

As always, thank you for doing this, but thank you more for being who you are.

NotSoSage said...

It is sad for me to see this end, but it must be so pleasing to know that they really and truly have made a difference.

QT said...

I have to agree that it I don't know how you've managed this long - thank you for putting the time in and know that many have been inspired.

Little Monkies said...

Such a difference, such a wonderful difference. Feeling the energy of the sisterhood out there everytime I clicked on a link. We are more powerful than we could ever know. We hold the world together sometimes, it seems. A gift you've given us in this place. THANK YOU!!!

Mon (holistic mama) said...

I just found your blog. Is there a post somewhere that explains what Just Posts is/was about? From reading the posts of participants, it seems wonderful but I can't locate a clear explanation.

Enjoying your blog!