Friday, February 27, 2009

day 10: there's a bat in the kitchen what i'm a gonna do

Have you ever had a bat fly into a ceiling fan? In your kitchen? If not, you really, really do not want to know how that goes. It doesn't end well. For anyone. Especially the bat. I mean, seriously. What the hell. That's just gross.

I am itching, my legs are filled with bites. There are so many biting things here, I try and ignore them but there are some places biting things should not be allowed. Like your bed.

So we went to the expat bar this week, an outdoor (what isn't outdoors here?) place where there is an actual happy hour, drafts for $1.50. The people who own the place have a couple of kids and immediately M disappears, I hear her chasing a parrot through the fields with a beautiful little boy, they run and run and run. Seeing her occupied I turn my attention to the crowd. It's mostly older, folks from not only the states but Canada and Europe. They've all got stories, the night is loud and raucous and generous and fun. I meet people who've come here for all sorts of reasons, adventure, promise, escape, solitude, incompatibility, the one commonality is kindness covered in roughness, if that can make any kind of sense. I meet a surprising number of folks who aren't necessarily happy about Obama and while I am on my best behavior my jaw can't help but fall to the floor.

Everyone is welcoming, inviting us to their homes for drinks or dinner or just stop by whenever, that's how I'm learning this place works, folks just drop by whenever and you never quite know what the day holds. I've had invitations extended for something or another every day this week and it's never something I knew was coming. Go with the flow, that's the motto here. One day at a time, that's what my neighbors tell me. It's decidely foreign. The politics are interesting. I listen more than I talk.

M has a problem, some sort of infection in her finger. A friend gave her her doctor's number, his personal cell phone. He's a Cuban MD practicing here, he answered his phone and told me to come to see him in a few hours. It's one of the things that has me most concerned, anything bad happening to her. I can't believe we are already in need of a MD. But he answered his phone. Just like that and he said we could come in. I'll let you know how it goes.

Many of you offered to send school supplies, my heart nearly bursting with the comments and emails. I am going to talk to the teacher next week and find out exactly what will help and then I'll get back to you. It's expensive to ship things here so I want to make sure I am asking you for the right thing. The fact that you so immediately offered to help a little jungle preschool you have never seen has made me feel so blessed. This community never ceases to amaze me. I hate that I still can't read blogs, just checking email and writing this post takes longer than you can imagine and I am paying by the minute. They say it's coming soon but Any day now in jungle time might mean weeks or more.

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alejna said...

The bat. Ugh. And the bug bites. My legs itch in sympathy.

I'm so glad you are finding the time and resources to keep writing. Do keep us posted on M's finger, and the school supplies. And the cheap beer.

NannyOgg said...

I am not sure whether i commented before, but wanted to let you know that I am reading and sending love and support.

I am a single mom with seven kids in New England, lotsa snow, so I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of your jungle. Until I read about the bat and the bugs ^^

The bat incident sounds BAD!

Just wanted to say hi, and how much I enjoy your blog!


Madge said...

the bat does not sound fun. or the bug bites.

but M running through the fields chasing parrots? how wonderful.

motherbumper said...

I have had a bat in the ceiling fan before and well... you know how it goes.


Hoping that all is okay with M's finger and thinking of you often. You are so right, the community here is amazing. xo

mamatulip said...

I love your updates - bats and bug bites and M chasing parrots.

I love it.

I hope Miss M's finger is okay; I was thinking of you the other day, hoping I'd see your blog title in bold in my reader.

PunditMom said...

Don't get me started on bats. I HATE bats.

And DEFINITELY let me know how I can help with school supplies or whatever else you need REALLY! xo

Denguy said...

Try not to kill the bats--they eat the bugs!

Tabba said...

When I moved into my very first apartment, a bat got in. I had just gotten a kitten and while "training" it, would put the kitty in the bathroom at night. The bat managed to fly under the crack in the bathroom door. I was in a total panick thinking that when I opened the bathroom door I'd find a blood-drained kitten. What can I say? I was 18. A baby.
Since then, I've never liked bats.

Hanging on the edge of every word & can't wait to find out if there is anything I can send.....from one group of preschoolers to another :) It would make me most happy!!

Blog Antagonist said...

Well, I think every adventure has a few snags. Makes us appreciate the good parts all the more...right? Yes. Absolutely. Import a truckload of Neosporin. I have yet to see that stuff fail. And I have boys. Who don't wash their hands.

Lil said...

Jen, it's been a long time...

I've read back posts, because I remembered a few weeks back that this was the year you'd take the leap to the jungle.

I'm so thoroughly enjoying your you and your family are adjusting...and not...

tenacity is my word for dear one, have got lots of it, damn full gitch-draw full of the stuff, hope you know it too...

Hope you don't mind the hassle and start-up fees ~ lol!

Take care,

Magpie said...

Que sera sera, eh?

Do people just get inured to or immune to the bug bites? I hope so, for your sake.

TZT said...

Over the years, many folks have tried to convince me that bats are fun, wonderful creatures, but I haven't been able to enjoy one yet.

Parrots, though, I think I could hang with.

KC said...

I am a bug-bite magnet. Whatever you have, I'd have x 10.

Let us know how it goes with Cuban MD. I want to know.

You've got a dead bat. I've got a dead squirrel. Coincidence? I think not.

monkey said...

just an fyi...
i'm here reading and standing still a bit in awe that you are living your life...the life you've agreed to go after. i know "time is money" right now for you so i won't be commenting much till your internet is on..but i'm here, waving from this side of the world.

flutter said...

fucking bat. Ew.

anything you need, babe. School supplies, anti bug shit...anything. You ask, you get.

love you

Gwen said...

"jungle time:" In Indonesia, they call that "jam karet" which means "rubber hour". A hard thing for us Westerners to get used to.

I am not a fan of bats, but I never hated them as much as the flying cockroaches. Have you met any of those yet?

You're near San Ignacio, right? I love that I can picture your crazy new life, both from my own childhood and from my visits to B. And I love how you're bringing us along on this adventure.

Hope M's finger is okay.

Stefania/CityMama said...

Do you need mosquito punks/coils? I have stacks of them that I buy whenever I am in Hawaii thinking I will need them here but our mosquito problem is not nearly what it is in Hawaii. I am happy to send them to you. They do keep the bitey things away and are relative unobtrusive.

Pictures. We we need to see pictures.

Ally said...

The thing I've loved most about your new life as you've described it is the pure freedom that M has to run and play and be a kid. Climbing up trees, playing the fields, making friends. That is something I feel like my children are missing out on by being raised in the city.

painted maypole said...

wow. the mental image of that bat is enough.


i wish our communities were more "drop on by" COMMUNITIES. not these sanitized little self enclosed homes and lives we have

painted maypole said...

wow. the mental image of that bat is enough.


i wish our communities were more "drop on by" COMMUNITIES. not these sanitized little self enclosed homes and lives we have

jaded said...

I'm a little envious that your ceiling fan is powerful enough to destroy a bat. Mine doesn't even threaten helium balloons.