Friday, October 16, 2009

thirty nine

i can still taste
the sweetness of that cabin
long ago.
the discovery and blood and cement and the yes
that lit the fire that brought us here.

you, the human that makes it all seem sane
the one who held on even when the road
the road was lonely and long
and good and full of flowers
that one night in the casino
and the one right after we brought our girl home (the year they finally won)

and we
we made this, this life this one is ours
through the mountains of oregon
and florence
and bangkok
and suchitoto
and bayon
and now the jungle

it is you, i cleave here and there and in ways quiet and loud
and sometimes teary and mostly, yes mostly with gratitude
i celebrate you.

happy birthday to j

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Anonymous said...

is he a red sox fan?

alejna said...

Beautiful, jen. And happy birthday, J.

(As for your question, Emily, I know the answer: yup. I remember sending this post of jen's to a friend. I was able to find the email pretty quickly, as it was pretty close to the only time I sent an email containing the word "baseball." As in "She actually made me feel for a moment like I should give a crap about baseball...")

flutter said...


painted maypole said...

happy birthday, indeed


krista said...

this is beautiful. simply beautiful.

Z said...

Happy birthday, young J.

Mary said...

This made me misty-eyed.

QT said...

Oh, I'm late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!

coldspaghetti said...

Happy birthday and a special toast and a thank goodness for people who make the adventure in life seem sane.

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, J.