Wednesday, December 16, 2009

we would if we could

Healthcare is free where I live. It's not excellent, it's probably not where you want to be if you get into a serious accident. But it's here. And it's free. A friend of mine has a father, he's 99 (go, him) and he was sick over the weekend, sick enough to warrant hospitalization and so hospital they went. She's Canadian so she's used to the mecca of free health care, and her standards are not low. She described a rather comprehensive effort to help her father, the one criticism she had was the lack of food so she had to bring meals in for him to eat. She mentioned the nurses feeling bad about it but cited a lack of funding that made providing meals very difficult. They would if they could, she said. Her father was discharged yesterday, the interventions provided were good and now he's on the mend.

And I've thought about that all night. They Would If They Could. But wow, they sure did a lot and it was all for free.

It's such a contrast to what I am reading about America's fight for health care reform. How it's a bunch of fat cats who have health insurance cutting and cutting and trimming and reducing and making it into a bill that might mean something, but it's clearly not Reform.

They Would If They Could.

Where is that ethic? Where is the ethic that we should do what it takes. That the environment and housing and food and healthcare should not victims of oh well, we tried, it's a good compromise after all. Where is the Yes We Can? The Yes We Will?

It's doubly disheartening for me because this President is the first one I've actually believed in. The others I expected nothing much from and got nothing much and that was to be expected after all, and we are left screaming and grumbling and carrying on. But this one, this one I believed in. I still believe in. So when I hear it's the best we can do right now I call Bullshit. Bullshit Mr. President. And I mean that with respect, because I do respect you. But I am worrying about you now. About things. About what it all means and wondering where the fight has gone.

Because it's not enough. It's just not. And I think you know it no matter how it's spun so I have to hope we are still mid-game here, that this is part of your strategy, but it's not really feeling that way right now. So I'll keep watching and I'll wait. But we need you to show up.

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Cecilieaux said...

We're on the same track. Of course we could if we wanted to!

thailandchani said...

I agree with you. Obama has compromised to a degree that it's not even a viable plan anymore. It will actually raise premiums for everyone, including seniors and poor folk.. if I'm understanding it correctly. At this point, I've tuned it all out. I'm not even listening anymore. It's just a lot of blah blah blah.


Annie said...

The whole thing is nothing short of a farce right now. I am very used to free healthcare - to its shortcomings and its benefits - and I am absolutely bewildered that this so called superpower - this leader of nations - cannot get its act together and provide something as basic a human right as healthcare, to its own citizens.

Like I said, farce.

Magpie said...

It's so damned disheartening.

alejna said...

I'm right there with you. It's totally not enough.

deezee said...


Amber said...

I'm Canadian, and so I find the resistance on the part of the American right baffling. And I find the compromises and misinformation disheartening. I continue to hope for the US, but increasingly I fear that it is in vain. :(

lagata said...


I am originally from Canada and too find the resistance to universal health care it baffling. The one thing I do keep in mind is that Canada didn't always have socialized medicine and it came in stages. I wish that Obama hadn't caved as much as he did - but I also try to keep in perspective that it is a huge uphill battle that he is fighting.

I still have hope.

Kyla said...

I agree, you know I do.

Maggie, Dammit said...


flutter said...

this bill needs to be scrapped and started over.

It is packed with some truly baffling, confusing, contradicting, pointless scary bullshit. I've read what was pushed through the house and it is honestly the scariest piece of legislation I have ever read.

It isn't hyperbole. I am no fat cat on an insurance company payroll. I am a self employed person in the alternative medicine field. If this bill passes, my health care coverage disappears as well as my job. Where does that leave me? What do I do? When the taxes for a public option start immediately but the coverage doesn't start until 2014?

I am scared.

painted maypole said...

oh, yes. thank you for saying it.