Monday, January 25, 2010

i'm a mix tape in a sea of mp3s

I brought my ipod to the States but forgot my cord. I figured it didn't matter because I don't know how to download music anyways but then I started working out and holy mother I've been doing some long overdue rocking out and all the indigo girls in the world can't meet me there.

I was sharing my lament at my friends' this weekend, two of my most favorite people in this world. I've been hanging out with them a bit lately, my kid loves their kid and I love them and they are the only two people I know in real life who read my blog. So they let me borrow a cord and three hours of computer time later I downloaded all the stuff I liked when I was seventeen or twenty seven and while I am sure there is better stuff out there I dare you to prove it.

Bad Medicine: Who can't relate to this? Love IS like Bad Medicine. But we Like Bad Medicine. I actually saw Bon Jovi on my birthday one year, on a first date with an older guy (not usually into older guys) who showed up with a cake and champagne and good seats (let's hear it for older guys) and I thought it was going to be bad but the show was actually a lot of fun. Plus that singer, he's kinda hot.

Cum on Feel the Noise: There's really nothing I can say and even after 20 years I still smirk when I see the title, those dirty 80's boys. Again, I dare you to prove there are songs better than this. I think I was in 7th grade the first time I heard this and my friend's mom was gone for the night and someone showed up with wine coolers. Remember wine coolers? Those were awesome but probably not when you are in 7th grade.

Lose Yourself. I like Eminem. I know he's controversial and all that, explicit lyrics, yadda yadda but I've always liked him and I'm almost 40 so I probably always will. And nothing gets my speed up on the treadmill like this song does.

Why Can't I Be You? The Cure. 8th grade and it's 3am and I've been listening to Boys Don't Cry for 5 hours straight.I am positive I was wearing all black. Is there anything else I need to say?

Eye of the Tiger. If it's good enough for Rocky, it's good enough for me. Plus it makes me laugh when it comes on. The lyrics are so intentionally intense it makes me giggle. Just a man and his will to survive. That guy wasn't messing around.

Highway to Hell. I saw AC/DC in concert when I was 20. Man, that was a good show. Those guys knew how to rock.

Sex Dwarf. I swear this is Soft Cell's best song, but I think I'm fairly alone in this thought because I don't even know if they released it in the US. I remember driving several hours to the one import store that had this disc and it was a whole adventure. Now we just press a button. Life used to be a lot more interesting. And this list proves I'm a bit twisted. Or at least kind of a loser. But that's okay, I'm comfortable with that. Round and Round, Love will find a way just give it time.

There's some more 80's rock, some rap, basically a bunch of songs you'd probably never admit to liking but you'd sing along to in a bar. So I love my music, it's about two workouts worth and I love it so much I keep the earphones in when I leave and sing really loud in the car. I think that may be against the law here but am not entirely sure.

So all in all this post proves what you already know, that I am a total dork. But I'm a fairly happy one, and I've decided that after 39 years on this planet I'll take a happy dork over an unhappy hipster any day of the week.

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Cold Spaghetti said...

LOVE IT. Bad medicine is what *I* need!

The only thing I could humbly suggest is it needs a Who Dat mix. The current city theme is the Ying Yang Twins Get Crunked, of which I recommend the DJ Munkie version on YouTube.

Insanity here, I tell you truly.

alejna said...

Speaking as a big dork, I love it that you are a happy dork.

I have to go hunting for the Soft Cell song. Never heard of it.

metro mama said...

I'd listen to your playlist any day.

Fellow Dork.

Anonymous said...

I love that you're into hair metal. I have such a thing for it myself. Oh, and the hair ballads, they always make me feel adolescent and angst-ridden.

Anonymous said...

um? How old are you?

All this exercise and 80's music is making me feel old.

Denguy said...

Where I come from, dorks don't listen to AC/DC, but they do listen to Survivor.

TZT said...

Hahaha! That's awesome.

I found a new level of intimacy with music when I started running last year, including plenty of Public Enemy circa 1990 and, um, Dee Lite.

Somewhere along the line, though, I realized that Led Zeppelin has some of the best workout music of all time.

Lara said...

You're back in the US, aren't you? I can tell: the atmosphere feels different. better.

Happy New Year!

painted maypole said...

love it.

i've been thinking of doing a post about how certain songs take me right back to a time and place.

you seem to be lacking prince, though. what is a good pumping workout mix without some old school prince?

mamatulip said...

This is pretty righteous. And hey, I admit to liking a lot of 80s rock and rap.


kgirl said...

Bon Jovi was my first concert, grade 8, 1988. Represent. *fist bump*

bgirl said...

you have a way of writing that makes me feel like we are having a conversation! your list is hilarious and being a fellow 39 year old happy dork, i am smilin' over the details you share with each song.


Kim said...

Yes. I saw Bon Jovi once too.

Lead singer is kinda cute.

However, I left with the distinct feeling that I didn't think he was near as cute as he thought he was.

Expatriate Chef said...

Have to confess to some 80s stuff on my iPod. And, between us, Southern Culture on the Skids. You know, just between us.

Leland said...

I <3 your music!!!! and your blog!