A betrothal of cross cultural ideals and same sex beliefs

Mad asked me to marry her. She did. It's right back there a few posts ago in the comments section in black and white.

I mulled it over for about 20 seconds. Then I immediately accepted.

Before the naysayers chime in, with the you are both married (mine isn't legal and well, Canadians are cooler about the same sex thing) or the whole you've never even met each other thing (Russian brides do it all the time) and the how do you know you guys can stand each other in real life (yet to be seen but odds are high) and the what about your partners (my gut says both might be totally psyched about it)

Take a moment to think about it. About a union of minds and souls and hearts - where we are willing to stand up and commit ourselves to our common belief system, where we are willing to bravely throw caution to the wind because we know in our hearts that what we believe is so profound, so important, and so oriented towards bettering our planet that we are willing to run pell mell into marriage, and well, hell....our kids have instant playmates. Admit it, you are jealous already.

In fact, if I may take it one step further (and great liberties with the post in general) - our commitment will be centered on coming together to form a better world. Our commitment will be to give social justice a voice so in turn there may be change.

Margaret Mead summed it up best: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

So, perhaps that means we make this a group wedding. Let's get wild and drunk (figuratively speaking for those of you who abstain) on the idea that a small group of committed people CAN change the world.

It'll be a hell of a reception. If we are going to break bigamy laws, might as well do it right. Who's in? And if you are in, your wedding present to us will be to tell us the area of social justice you are passionate about, and what we can do about it. On your blog or in the comments, your choice. Just bring it on.

If you choose to join us, send me the link to your post and next weekend, we'll have one big social justice wedding and all of your vows will be included. And that means Mad only has to actually court me for a week. I am easy like that.

Oh, and the totally other cool part is I am betting that on top of being a passionate, brilliant, and socially minded woman, Mad is pretty hot, too.

I scored.