lions and tigers and bears

I've been working a lot of late nights lately, nights that keep me away from M. Last night I arrived home right at bedtime and M did me the honor of flying out of the house and racing barefoot across our cold lawn screaming my name joyfully. She throws herself in my arms and hugs me wildly before leaning back and saying:

M: Why you work so late mommy? You help people go sleepytime?
Me: I am sorry baby. I am sorry I am so late.
M: Because if people sleep outside they might get eaten by dinosaurs and monsters and bears, right? You help them mommy?
Me: I don't think they'll get eaten baby, but it is hard to sleep outside and we don't want anyone to have to sleep outside especially when it's so cold.
M: Yeah. It's cold and I think they might be eaten. You do good job mommy. Me no like being eaten.

Yeah baby, me neither. And thank you for understanding. I appreciate it more than you know and promise with all that I am to make up for all the late nights just as soon as I can.