oh george, how i loathe thee

We watched the State of the Union for the party tricks. I admit I came to the party half drunk on bitterness and years of resentment the way a scorned lover might if I'd ever let you get that close. I do give you some props though, when you hijacked the election back in 2000 you couldn't get through a speech without tripping over yourself. There must have been a lot of public speaking lessons over the past years. I wonder who paid for them? But I digress.

I wanted to vomit when you told the citizens of this nation what we needed and what we deserve and how much you care. I wonder if the 43 million without health insurance or the 36 million living in poverty felt your warm embrace, were touched by your words.

You spoke of terror, of eradicating evil. You talked of your hate for evil men and our need to eliminate them. Your words of violence, of retribution, of war. This war mongering must stop.

The Democrats sat on their side, rarely smiling, clapping or standing. I was right there with them except for my clean conscience. I didn't co-sign any of your bullshit over the past seven years. That's their cross to bear. But we've all learned a lot, we can only move forward.

In between cursing at the TV and laughing out loud we daydreamed a bit. Dreamed of the SOTU address if this was the seventh year of Gore, about how we'd have lowered emissions and gone green. About how we were joining the world in saving our planet. But we didn't get to hear those words tonight. The environment was a wallflower, she's used to it by now.

You used the word empower over and over. Empower the American people, empower parents to get involved with their childrens education, empower workers to find new jobs. But we are less empowered than we've been and no speech will change that. We are in a recession, years of reckless spending and disregard for those who are suffering. And no tax rebate will salve us. It's an insult, that tax rebate, thinking we are such blind lambs to the slaughter that we'll take your rebate check and go buy a TV. I hope folks will bank that rebate or pay off debt. Invest it in retirement, that paltry sort of hush money that will never make up for the past seven years of hell, this blood money I want no part of and will donate to charity if it ever arrives.

You think I'm angry and you are right but it's my blog and I can write what I want, or at least until you revise the Patriot Act one last time. I am sick and tired of hearing your rhetoric, your misleading initiatives, your smug delivery. I am sick and tired of war. I am sick and tired of not caring for those in our communities, of watching good people suffer. But it's almost over now, the finish line is ahead.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.