The Bloggess is totally stalking me

I don't know if you happened to notice her comments on my post yesterday but I think it's time to let you all know that Jenny The Bloggess is stalking me. You may have heard of her but it's hard to say given how obscure her little site is. What, she blogs for a couple other big time publications? Bloggessed is in the Urban Dictionary? She can't be stalking me because she's already stalking that Kawasaki guy? Pfffft. She's crafty, that Jenny. I see she's got you all fooled.

Let me give you the facts and then you can decide:
1. My name is Jen. She calls herself "Jenny". Hmmm.
2. I have a daughter. Now all of a sudden, she has a daughter. And she's ridiculously cute. Everyone knows kids that look like that don't really exist.
3. I went to Blogher last year. I turn around and SHE'S at Blogher last year too.
4. I'm going to Blogher this year. Now SHE'S going to Blogher this year too.
5. She's suddenly started posting at MOMocrats and calling herself a pundeet.
6. I have a blog, she has a blog.
7. Again, my name is Jen. She's going by "Jenny".

Everywhere I turn, she's right there. I put a post on my blog, she puts a post on her blog. I link her to the last few posts, she comes over and comments on them. Uh, wait. Forget that last one.

I'm afraid to open my blinds for fear she'll be right outside in her snappy little heels and photographic memory. If only I knew how to code those little blog buttons, I'd make one that says "I'm being stalked by The Bloggess and you're not" but thankfully I don't know how to code those little blog buttons.

What do you think? Mere coincidences? Am I making too much of this? I think not.