maybe his name was duncan

Sometimes I'm a total weirdo. Like tonight when I was drifting up and down the grocery store aisles (no one was going into labor you suckas) and I notice this dude wearing standard youngish-white-dude-at-a-desk-job-attire, khaki pants and a blue shirt. He went and put that icky pimento bologna fake meat crap with green pieces in his basket. I mean, who buys that shit? Who is this guy? So as I'm pondering that we cross paths again on another aisle. Now he's buying the most cardboardish health food cereal possible. So cardboard it doesn't even come in a box, it's in some sort of free range bag or something. He's an enigma! He looks European. Is he from Sweden? See, I'm weird.

Speaking of Sweden, er, I mean Holland, I just finished reading Infidel. Have you read it? Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extraordinary woman with an amazing story. It's worth the read. In fact, if you want me to send it to you let me know in the comments and I'll send it to the first taker (and as soon as I can get my ass to the post).

Speaking of amazing, have you met Defiant Muse? She's this hipster chick living up in the woods who's travelled all over and has this lovely defiant (hence the name) soul. I really dig her. I think you would too.

Speaking of dig, it's Just Post time again. All you have to do to participate is to send me posts about social issues, social justice, activism, ponies (kidding on the ponies unless of course it's about freeing ponies from those bastard pony rides and then it definitely counts) from the month of March. It can be yours or someone elses, everyone is welcome and you can send the links to me at girlplustwoATyahooDOTcom. We host the Just Posts on the 10th of each month on four separate blogs in four different countries. We're international, people. And there's no pimentos whatsoever.