Power to the People

So in case yesterday wasn't clear these five lovely and talented sisters asked me to help spread the word about an incredible act of community service, of ultimate kindness, of gigantic deliciousness, otherwise known as the pre-Blogher party. The one with all your bloganistas in one room reunited and feeling so good. Hell, even if you aren't coming to Blogher you can still come to our party. I mean, it's free, and it's for you. For you and you and you and you. For anyone who wants to come.

So without further ado, I give you The People's Party, held on Thursday, July 17th at the Westin in the Elizabethan Room at 8:00pm till whenever someone sets something on fire. If that wasn't clear and you need it fancier, it's all shimmery below too. All that matters is that you join us. If you are interested you can RSVP in her soft and velvety comments section or just tell me here and I'll pass it along for you because I'm nice like that. Featuring Special Guest Che Bloggess and her Hairdryer of Power via Live Streaming Feed (and you know, live in person because she's tricky like that)

The People's Party is brought to you by:

Izzy Mom
The Bloggess
One Plus Two
Mother Bumper
Velveteen Mind
Oh, The Joys

And these cats were crazy enough to want to sponsor the madness: