seven windows of my soul

edited to say: there are many more views linked below.

1. The view out of my Bangkok window that cloudy morning after arriving in Asia for the first time.
2. The window facing the garden of the coffee plantation in the hills of El Salvador.
3. The view out of our Phnom Penh guesthouse watching the congee stands opening at the crack of dawn.
4. The view of the hospital parking lot the morning I gave birth to M.
5. The overgrown weeds outside the first shelter I worked in, the dew on the weeds mixed with trash and the sun bouncing off a dirty sill.
6. The beach cliff and wide open ocean out of the bedroom window in Mexico where I first fell in love with J.
7. Nursing M while watching the toucans sitting in the tree outside the sliding glass door in the Belizean jungle.

Where do your soul windows live?

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