Kaliroz has a post up with a link to a diary being kept by clinic workers in Sierra Leone. I just finished reading most of it, from the man who cleans the clinic to the kids who don't have enough food to HIV to dying while giving birth. And once again I wonder why this isn't the stuff that makes headlines, the crises all around us, where kids and moms and dads are suffering every single day. And I sit here fat and content allowing trivial nonsense to corrupt my vision.

It's wrong. It's more wrong than there are words for, the suffering some people face in our world today while we sit idly by. Save the Children, a UK charity is working to help the kids in this particular slum and you can learn more by clicking here. Kroo Bay, where these beautiful people live is built on a pile of trash. Their homes are built on filthy refuse. There are no words for this. If you are compelled to donate to this cause let me know and I will do my best to match your donation. I have to believe every little bit helps somehow.

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