I am a real American

I am a real American.

I care deeply for this country and our world.
I want to see an end to the war.
I believe housing is a basic human right.
I love my child and want her to thrive.
I want your children to thrive too.
I want everyone to have affordable healthcare.
I want transparency in our leadership.
I will vote no, resoundingly no on Proposition 8.
I believe in equal pay for equal work.
I believe in freedom of expression.
I believe that your life is worth as much as mine and your success allows me to succeed.
I refuse to let people categorize my dissent as a lack of patriotism.
I do not like apple pie.
I am a real American and I am voting for Barack Obama.

If you are so inclined, feel free to share on your blog why you too, are a real American. Or a real Canadian. Or a real African. Or a real German. Or a real human being. Let me know and I'll link you all here.

They can only divide us if we let them.

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