welcome to the jungle

So then. We are here.

After a relatively painless 9 hour journey we arrived, M leaping into J's arms on the other side of customs. We reunite amidst M's chatter, the heat, oh the heat slapped me in the face. We drive a couple hours to our village, it's dark before we arrive.

I forgot how rustic this house is. I forgot and I remember. I breathe deep. I open a beer. I check everything for bugs before I stick my hands inside and I am tired.

We fall into sweaty sleep and in the morning I wake up to sounds of geckos and roosters. Parrots. It's alive.

We to to the "grocery store", a cinder block building with some makeshift aisles. I don't understand some of the food and what I do understand is frustrating. Cocoa puffs? We buy a pineapple and they cut it up for me, I buy 14 corn tortillas for .50 on the side of the road, they are still warm and I want to tuck them under my pillow. I inhale them like I do my child's hair.

Our friends invited us for dinner last night and we eat fresh fish under the stars. She runs a guest lodge and there were guests at dinner too, so many questions were asked and I felt a bit confused, I don't know how I feel yet because I've only just arrived and it's hard to explain to over-eager strangers from Ohio and Georgia, no matter how lovely they are. I breathe.

M has made three friends already, she's in heaven and she's unsettled, she can't quite decide if she likes it or not. Another friend invited us today for lunch, beans and rice and stew meat, we sit on her porch and chickens and roosters are at my feet. There are animals everywhere.

We are purposeful and aimless. We are skittish and at peace. I have an aversion to the bugs but at the same time I can't help but think I'll grow more accustomed to it. Things move slower here, it feels renegade and spiritual and sweaty and still and raucous and inviting and dark. There are children everywhere and everywhere they smile.

I am in an internet cafe, having a connection at home will take a few weeks. As I read all your comments I started to cry a little, hearing from you meant so much. I won't have the luxury of accessing my reader for awhile because this place charges by the minute. I am anxious and also know it will take awhile longer, things just move more slowly here.

I think I've needed to slow down for a long time.

I am here. We are here. We are in this place and slowly now, the adventure unfolds.

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