you know you're a redneck mommy when...

My girl Tanis on top of being a famous supermodel, fancy mojito drinker, brilliant roller coaster rider and dear, dear friend is also one of the most phenomenal mothers I have ever had the honor of knowing.  She may talk tough but her heart is as big as it gets and her soul is even bigger, proven not only in words but from also what I've seen with my own eyes. So when she finally was able to bring home her new son, the boy she's been wanting and fighting for I could not be happier for her and for the rest of her family.  Especially Boo.  I'd rather like to give him a congratulations kiss myself. Damn Canadian Customs or I'd pop over for another visit right now. I wonder if he's home?  Or maybe he's at work, hmmm. Wait, focus....  

Anyways, in honor of her new son I thought I'd share a few of my own personal child rearing favorites so she knows that no matter what she does, she's in good company.

Without further ado, you KNOW you're a redneck mommy when:

1. You actually make your child pee on the side of the street rather than find a bathroom.  In traffic. With honking.
2. You re-use baby wipes.  No really, it works.  
3. You somehow allow your child to take an entire bottle of vitamins into her room and eat them.  And then you don't realize you've allowed this and wait for an hour to call poison control.
4. You train your child to whine about being hungry at friends houses so you don't have to cook dinner at home.
5. Most importantly, you move your child out of safe, convenient suburbia and into a central american jungle.  No really. You do this. 

I love you Tanis.  Happy Shower, Happy Son, Happy Family.  

He's the luckiest boy in the world tonight and it's a joy to celebrate along with you.

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