Friday, July 14, 2006


We women are tricky creatures. We alternate between supporting and disparaging each other - and no, not all women, not all the time, so no over-reacting required here because I think you know what I mean.....It's simply this - we underutilize our shared sisterhood. We miss the chance to commune, to commiserate, and to share without judgment. Why? I think often it's out of fear, out of insecurity, and an unconscious reaction to the patriarchal society we find ourselves in.

I have been an admirer of Dawn's True Wife Confessions Brilliant idea, brillant stuff, brave women. What I like most is that we have a chance to commiserate there as a community. You may not agree, you may not relate to some or (bless you, you one woman in the entire world), to any of it - however, it's a chance to explore and support and laugh and grieve and share in the threads that tie all of us together as we navigate our gender-divided society and the roles we as women find ourselves in, and how they occasionally differ from what we thought they might have been.

Nicely done, sister. Nicely done.

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Dawn said...

It is amazing to me, as well. I fear, however, we have been enculturated extremely well. The loud woman is the crazy woman, the unattractive woman, the manly woman.

It remains my hope that TWC allows some women to start testing those voices, those connections with other women. To hear someone else say "That is abusive", or "Me Too", is so empowering.