Monday, July 17, 2006

wicked pisser

Wicked pisser is only one of the things my partner's mother says that the men and women of Harvard do not. I was accepted into a Non-Profit leadership course at Harvard this week and arrived on Sunday. J-dog's mom picked me up (I love this woman, but she is incredibly deeply rooted in the blue collar section of Boston.) She offered to drive me to the campus which she insisted only took 15 minutes from her house. 2 hours later, we are still driving madly through Cambridge, her chain smoking and swearing, and yelling out the window at poor young college kids, screaming "where the hell is that goddamned Harvard?" If I could type the tonal quality of that sentence someone somewhere would be cracking up. None of those college kids were laughing but I thought it was hysterical.

She then tried to drop me at MIT but at the last minute noticed that MIT really wasn't Harvard after all, even though they are both old and in Cambridge and "MIT looks exactly like Harvard". I had figured I'd just grab a cab and get the hell out of crazy but she realized her mistake in time. I still offered to get out and grab a taxi but road rage mama was having none of it, so our nicotine fuming vehicle eventually made it to campus 30 minutes past check in. She offered to take me back to the airport at the end of the week, but by the grace of all things holy, I've declined.

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