Tuesday, August 29, 2006

attack of the dragon

Before having M, I had some lofty (read: unrealistic) ideals about the type of mom I'd be. Take TV for instance. We all know it rots young minds. The last thing I wanted to do was expose M to TV. And I did ok for a while, but the reality of working full time, being incredibly overwhelmed, and yes, general laziness won out. We started with Sesame Street. I can get behind Sesame Street. I mean, there is counting, people. Learning colors. WORD OF THE DAY.

But then M found Dragon Tales. Dragon Tales is ridiculous. These two kids find the land of dragons and go back and forth from their room to visit. There is singing. And Cassie, the pink dragon. Cassie has taken over our lives. M wakes up saying Cassie. She says Cassie more than any other word (aside from NO) all throughout the day. She wants to watch DT repeatedly, and then some more.

Last night we drew a line in the sand and said "No more Cassie". My child flung herself in front of the TV sobbing and wailing, her tiny voice chanting between sobs, "Cassie, Cassie, Cassie" as she tried to hug the TV in solidarity. J and I looked at each other and became very afraid. Other than opting to join the military someday, I can't imagine something more horrifying than my child melting down over the LACK OF TV. And worse, we've created this phenomenon. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME. And that alone is a terrifying prospect.


Ann Marie said...

Not a big fan of Dragon Tales either... have you seen those Doodlebops? What in the world is that? I don't understand... :(

I went cold turkey on TV for a few days and my daughter was fine... no shakes or anything! ;) It is amazing how they adjust...

Good luck!

-Ann Marie

crazymumma said...

We went over to the darkside of TV years ago. I had lofty ideals as well, but I have been humbled again. And Again. Oh, and again.