Tuesday, September 05, 2006

lack of the cowgirl blues

I was completely wrong in my assumptions about this past weekend. In short, we had a riot from start to finish. The fact that there was a river of alcohol and filled with people who so incredibly rock this planet helped immensely. And hell, we were in one of the most gorgeous places in the Northwest. Rock on, (and forgive my past transgressions).

The wedding was perfect, Laura was gorgeous, and the New Jersey faction only riled up once, which is pretty damn good for a stressed out group of Jersey women. I fell in love with the Montanians - anyone who skins their own meat and makes their own sausage gets a gold star in my book.

My absolute favorite part of many was meeting Tracy and Dominic. Tracy and I met the first night and she mentioned that they were camping (which sounded horrible) so I invited them to share our larger than we needed cabin. These two strangers turned out to be the most incredible people and I am now completely in love with both of them. Dom is a chef in a 5-star restaurant and Tracy bartends - and between the two of them I ate and drank my way through the weekend. The fact that Tracy locked Dom out of the cabin one night at 3:30am and passed out 5 seconds later so she didn't hear his knocking and J-dog and I were woken up an hour later to a frozen-now-parka-clad Dom pounding on the door in desperation definitely sealed the deal. Nothing says raucous laughter like a chick who accidentally locks her man out when he's lagging behind getting something from the car and then in the morning says "I don't even remember Dom coming to bed last night." Um, yeah, and let me tell you a hysterically funny story about that one, sister...and hell yes, I'll take another bloody mary.

It's rare (in my stage of life) to connect so strongly with another woman - it made me long for a stronger local community while feeliing incredibly blessed to wake up today feeling that the world is a smaller and more hilarious place than it was a week ago.

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