Friday, September 08, 2006

meth love

During our entire 12 hour drive through the Northwest I had a running joke (mostly with myself) about the amount of meth that was probably manufactured and consumed in the small towns we drove through. There was example after example of folks that seemed to fit the bill - looking a wee bit strung out, way too skinny, and well, you know....ON METH. However, I failed to give the drug the credit it is due. The CLARITY OF MIND IT EVOKES......because when the bridal party went to town and had to walk down a street w/ an open garage with a bunch of pseudo-gothics playing drums, drinking, and smoking inside, we got a bit of unexpected insight. We stopped at the car to hang out for a minute and one of the guys walked over, ranting about how hot we all are (not so much) how he never sees 5 chicks in his alley (maybe) and how it was his lucky day (probably not).

After some minor yet inappropriate touching, we realized we needed to take charge of the moment. So in honor of the soon-to-be bride I decided to ask him what his thoughts were on marriage. Or, better thought of as PLEASE STOP TOUCHING US AND FOCUS.

Joel (by the way, meet Joel) came out with quite a beautiful and lengthy rant about how if he got married, he'd love that woman so much that he'd be her best friend, he'd try to be really good in bed, and that he "would do whatever it fucking took to make it work, man, because that is what love is". And when it didn't work, he'd be in the front row of her next wedding, cheering her on, "because that's what love is, man, going to her second wedding after they get divorced, because THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS, MAN!"

We even used the Joelism at the wedding toast, we appreciated it THAT MUCH.


crazymumma said...

A rant like that is a keeper. I hope Joel finds his one true love and keeps her/him happy.

lildb said...

that's beautiful. Joel wins the award for quote of the day.

Janet said...

Rock on, Joel.