Tuesday, October 03, 2006

and now for the sweeter side

There's this: I put M down for her nap as usual. After a few minutes I heard her making some noise, and so I went to her door and listened. She was singing the most lovely song, it went something like this "mom, mom, mom, momma, mom, momma, mom, mommy, momma, mom" over and over.....with the occasional laughing and giggling. No crying out, no anything except just singing herself a beautiful little song. About me. I sat on the floor outside her door for a few minutes and decided it was the sweetest 20 minutes I have ever heard.

And then this: Jen over at Mama Jen's tagged me to answer seven questions:

And I've decided I'll happily answer #5 (sorry Jen, but it's what I got at the moment - although I would very much like to answer #3 but fear it would land me on yet another FBI watch list).

5. Best book I've ever read:
I've read a lot of books, but the three that came to mind when I read your question was
The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I first read it at age 14 and it changed my teenage life.
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and anything by Neruda, but mostly that's because when I think of Neruda I think of long-ago nights where a south american lover would read his poems to me by candlelight, in spanish, post-well, post haste, naked in bed while listening to Omara Portundo, smoking cigars and drinking red wine. Vive youth.

Which makes me in turn want to ask each of you courageous souls to share the poem, book or song that a present/former lover shared/spilled/sung in/to you. You've got very little to lose and some potentially new reading material to gain, so let her rip.


cinnamon gurl said...

Present: My huz has shared lots of music with me but one that stands out is an album by Finlay Quaye; we danced to one of the songs for our First Dance at our wedding. Really good, sweet reggae. And I already blogged about how much I love "Necropsy of Love" by Al Purdy.

Anonymous said...

sweet simplicity......what a beautiful little song. And a huge moment for you, that I'm sure you'll hold onto forever. It's amazing that sometimes our kids can give us exactly what 'we' need and at the exact moment we need it.

acumamakiki said...

It's those golden moments when you are able to watch or listen to your child, that make every step so worth it.

crazymumma said...

I love it when they sing their little songs. Such insight into who they are.

Are you on a watch list? I am intrigued!

scribbit said...

Before I was dating my husband I had a boyfriend who wrote me poetry in Spanish (I had to have him traslate it too) and I loved it. But after I got married I tossed it, thinking it was weird to keep old love poems no matter how cool they were. But I quickly regretted it and have wished I still had them. They were beautiful.

IzzyMom said...

I once had someone dedicate "Lovesong" by The Cure to me on the radio. It was at about 2am on a very small community radio station and I just happened to hear it. I was quite flattered though I didn't return his feelings.

And that story of your daughter singing about you is the sweetest thing ever :)

Mommy off the Record said...

Awww. There is nothing lovlier than hearing your child say "mama". I would have sat there to bask in it a full 20 minutes myself.

Hulai said...

That is so sweet of your little girl! She loves you alot!!!
I found you through blog that mommy! Im so glad I did!
I had a former flame that would call and sing to me. Or sing to me just becuase, the songs always varied, but it was always the most wonderful thing in the world to me!

Momish said...

How absolutely lovely! I could listen to my child babble in her crib for hours, so I can only imagine how your heart melted to a song about her mommy. Thanks for a beautiful and uplifting image to start my day.
- My husband learned every word to Sinatra's fly me to the moon so he can sing it to me! I was so touched, it still brings me chills whenever I hear it to this day.
- An ex once read passages to me from Dante's Devine Comedy and then he told me I was his "Beatrice". I melted!

Janean said...

As a teenager, I was hopelessly in love with an "older man" (I was 15, he was 20) and he encouraged me to read "The Dove". Robin sails around the world by himself. It was incredibly romantic...to think of doing something so wild and crazy.
Loved your story about the "Mommy Song". Those moments are SO awesome! Had one today when my four-year old said, "Mommy, I want you to stay home and be my babysitter and the babysitter can go do your job!" Oh, how I wish...

Janean said...
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OSarah said...

How about this one that my husband taught my son to sing?

I love you Mommy, I really do.
I don't love anyone as much as you.
When you're not near me, I'm blue.
Oh Mommy, I love you.

It's supa-cheese, but I love it.
He's also a drama queen when he sings it - that helps. :)

Libragirl said...

1. Thanks for visiting. Hope you come back.

2. My princess does the Chachel song when I babysit. I love it.

3. Favorite, best book I ever read that actually affected my life
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
I hated the main character. But no other book has ever had a character make me love them or hate them this way. The writing is amazing.

My princess now starts to sing Up Above the World over and over at 4 in the morning. Hysterical and so pretty to hear, unless of course she woke me then it's annoying then funny

toyfoto said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I'll definitely be visiting yours. As far as poems or songs dedicated to me ... well there really haven't been any. A man who was just a friend (because neither of us were ever "single" at the same time) wrote a song for me. Since it only exists on a cassette tape in my office I can't really share it, so I'll share the poem I chose for my wedding ... "Love at First Sight" by Wislawa Szymborska.