Friday, November 03, 2006

to thrive delicious

Hope this will keep you warm on a colder Friday. Deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to it - I so love how it unfolded, mysterious, scarlet, vivid and strong.

A crimson stain spreads round her feet
She hastily, franticly gathers the layers of her billowy skirt
as if the stains are hot embers burning through her,
confronting her with power and pain
Or at least it seemed that way to the observer.

She backed away from the spreading putrid stain and
stifled the scream rising in her throat,
filling her with deep red peace.

But a scarlet dove will never fly, and so grounded,
must teach her mind to soar above the anchors
that weigh her heart to the living road.

Thus, a prayer soared from her red ebb and flow;
this last anamnesis draining
with life and earth clenched in her fists,
she cries to thrive delicious through her flowing vein.

Time never seemed to move so slow, as he watched her,
unable to comprehend, unable to emphathize,
he thought the red sun center might scorch him.



Penny said...



How many words could I use to elucidate, when we've all done it here.

Good Job, Jen and Everyone.

Deb said...

kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Much applause!

(I have to say, I'm glad I didn't submit a line; I would have ruined it. I could think of nothing! Nothing, I tell you!)

Kudos to all!

KC said...

Powerful. Very, very cool.

Let's do this again.

Nancy said...

Aww, I am sorry that missed it. But the end product is quite amazing!

flutter said...

I love the way that turned out! It's really quite lovely, nice work, friends

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ewe.
Please, do it again!
Very cool.

mrs. incredible - aka - Tabba said...

It was fun.....thanks, Jen.

Lucia said...

Wow! That turned out amazing!!

lildb said...

damn. I miss a lot when I'm not hanging around blogs.

that was delicious.

liv said...

that was so cool. and I'm so proud to have gotten to be a part of it!

acumamakiki said...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I'm not very good at poetry. (Such subtley flies over my head) ... This certainly does look good in print though! LOL

Peace to you,

Thailand Gal

Mrs. Chicky said...

Amazing! That was really a fantastic writing exercise.

Momish said...

That was great! Amazing how it evolved into a magnificent work of art! And they say too many chefs spoil the pot, pfft.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool experiment, missy -we should do it again sometime! Thanks to all the contributors -nice work.

you da mom said...


Lindsay said...

well I'll delurk to tell you how beautiful the poem was!!

Ruth Dynamite said...

Very cool!