Tuesday, December 05, 2006


In the midst of all my wedding plans I almost forgot that I owe Madame Chick a list.

A list of five things you don't know about me, or my kid.

Me first, me first.

1. I have a thing for latin men. Or maybe for men who speak spanish. One or the other.
2. My childhood crush was Mikail Baryshnikov. I waited outside for 2 hours after seeing him dance to meet him. He came out (all 4'9" of him) and I got to meet (and touch) him. I lived on that for years.
3. I cannot dance. A rhythmless ship. It's awful.
4. I got drunk and lost in Mexico once and to this day have no recollection of 8 hours, 2 car rides, a burro, and a border crossing. (there but for the grace of friends went I)
5. goat cheese and orange peppers are one of my favorite combinations ever.

The kid.

1. Her middle name is from a Bjork song.
2. She is a big fan of pickles.
3. She got her passport when she was five days old.
4. She has a strange affinity for trying on my bras. Over and over. And she puts stuffed animals inside them and walks around the house.
5. She will issue a fake cry or a fake laugh on demand. We are working on her fake surprise and fake sleepy look and will be soon adding them to her performance roster.

I tag Liv but she has more than one kid so I'll understand if she takes a pass.

And don't forget the big wedding this weekend. There are still spots on the guest list.


Anonymous said...

Latin men, eh? Hm. Very interesting!

I'll pass on the goat cheese and orange peppers. LOL



Momish said...

Passport at 5 days old? You have got to be the coolest mom evah!

Anonymous said...

Latin men = muy caliente.

These lists have only left me wanting to know more. Burro? Stuffed bras? I guess I'll be back...

KC said...

Fascinating tidbits, Jen. It just keeps getting better.

Looking forward to seeing you dance at the reception. Woohoo!

We have wearing mommy's underwear around the neck over here. It's a blast. And Jolie likes it too.

Work insane until tomorrow- wedding post to follow! xoxo

Mrs. Chicky said...

WhooHoo! I knew you wouldn't let me down.

Funny enough, we have #3 and 4 in common, except for the burro and the border crossing. Damn tequila. But I bet I dance better when I'm drunk.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm blushing to be tagged. Faithfully I shall report to you!

acumamakiki said...

i though my girl was the youngest passport holder at 3 weeks! i love that passport ~ it was before her eyes changed to dark brown and you can see my hands holding her.

Anonymous said...

Wow! We thought we were all over it when we brought MF into the American Consulate in Edinburgh at 3 weeks and a day for his passport, ss card, etc.

Cool tidbids.

Still pondering what I possibly have to write about in terms of social justice; so many interests, yet so little real depth of knowledge on many of them. Sigh. Rather pathetic when I think about it..

mothergoosemouse said...

Tacy loved to try on my bras too! And she once wore one of my thongs over her diaper/under her pants - refused to take it off before going to school, so I had to warn her teacher about it. You know, to be polite.

Anonymous said...

Miss M is just getting into the acting thing. I thought it was genetic. If we say "Meee-elll sad?" she will frown and whimper; if we say "Meeee-elll happy?", she laughs her head off. We don't do this too much b/c just writing it makes it sound as if she is trained puppy. Yuck.