Tuesday, December 05, 2006

something old is something new

I am getting around to finalizing my wedding details. Like choosing a maid of honor...I have my eye on Andrea at Athena Dreaming, and I am hoping if I promise we can wear recycled eco-friendly locally sewn by consenting adults hemp garments then she'll accept.

The thing about Andrea is that she is much more environmentally conscious than I am. She thinks with her dollars. She thinks by NOT spending her dollars. She's got a test you can take here that will give you pause. And pause some more.

Aside from being one of the most articulate and brillant posts I have ever read in my life - the thing that struck me so deeply (so deeply that I just finished reading her entire post aloud to J, who after standing still in our kitchen for several minutes in awe asked me to email him the link) is that she is able to think comprehensively and strategically about the core issues that bind us. The ones that make us want to throw up our hands and give up. The ones that truly overwhelm. And she breaks it down simply. Energy efficient light bulbs. Choosing who you buy your gas from. How you get to work. And how you invest your money.

All of it, in part and parcel, can reduce the consumption we so easily and blindly participate in. All of it combined can make a big difference.

And she got me thinking. In my own meager retirement account I choose to only invest in green funds. I set it up that way, and feeling oh so very principled, chose less growth potential over supporting oil. However, in my 403b through work I am invested in standard mutuals. I tried pursuing the green route, but this carrier had limited options and was making it complicated, so I let it go.

I gave up, just like that. I mean, why not? It's not my hectare we are talking about here. It's someone elses.

I am shamed tonight. And Andrea, I am calling my account rep in the morning.

Because you are right, and it has to stop. Enough is way too much.

We've got a LOT more space at the reception. We are taking RSVPs here. And Mad is doing an amazing job courting me. Her words and intellect and passion continue to astound. I only hope I can mirror her majesty (pre-wedding jitters anyone) and make her proud.


Anonymous said...

could you tell me which post that was that knocked the wind out of you?? I'm sitting here drooling & my brain is thirsting for reading something great that is not school related.....thanks luva girl.

Anonymous said...

Tabba, here's the link:

Andrea's post, her whole blog, is an experience of insight, joy, sorrow, wit... Linger while you are there.

The blog used to be called Beanie Babie and on the side bar you will find a "Best of Beanie Baby" category. Read. Enjoy. Shake a fist when it's appropriate. Act. Andrea will make you want to act.

Anonymous said...

Argh, on my screen that URL doesn't wrap. The post is the 2nd last one called: A Long History of Nearly Everything: or, Andrea's Big Theory.

jen said...

hmmm. the link works when i click it, but if it's not for you, coyly glance over to the newly added Athena Dreaming on the right...and Mad already gave the title of the post.

Andrea said...

Wow. That was very flattering. My head's swollen so much I don't think I'm going to be able to get it in the car at the end of the day to drive home ....

*blushing* Thanks! and the comments too--good god. This can't be good for me.

mrs. incredible said...

thank you ladies, I figured I would find it by going to her blog, but as I'm lazy this morning and barely able to see my computer screen over the pile of books I'm reading for my research. So, thanks for holding my hand this morning.
I will certainly be giving Andrea a good, long read!

Anonymous said...

I'll be reading it, too, sounds awesome:)

Jen, btw, I want to get married, too. Or at least be invited to the wedding:) I wrote a post on my blog. And, fyi, for anyone that's interested... Today is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Did anyone know that? I didn't...

Anonymous said...

Great Andrea blog! Thanks for the referral. I spent at least an hour reading it. You're right. It's wonderful!



carrie said...

You're right, there are a lot of ways (little and big) that we can reduce consumption and anything helps!

Many happy thoughts for your wedding on Sunday, I bet you can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I've written my post ... it's on child poverty... I can't wait for the wedding :)


Now I'd better get back to packing boxes.