Wednesday, December 06, 2006

interrupting my regularly scheduled programming

If you've been here before, or regularly, as some of you are, you'll notice something glaringly different to the right of this post.

Yes. BlogHer Ads.

I started inquiring about working with BlogHer a while back - interested in seeing what possibilities I might be able to explore as far as earning a bit of extra money. And the thing is, the extra money (or ability to earn extra money in ways beyond my work) is important to me because we so deeply want to move to Belize. We want to move to Belize, and we have no real idea how we'll survive. So I began exploring different ideas - things that might contribute to sustaining us that we can do FROM there, and that is a tall order. I can't build anything. I can't fix anything. I can't wash clothes properly in the river. But I can do this.

I can't tell you how ironic I find it that this is the week it all came together. I am not sure why I feel that this conflicts with my social justice wedding, or if it does at all, but something is colliding in my head and I couldn't stand not mentioning it to you. I have read other debates on the topic, and some have very strong opinions. I've always aligned myself more to the side of free will and personal choice, but I know that this is a hot topic for some. And I still want you to want to be here.

All I know is I have standards. And BlogHer fits those - by being able to designate what ads you are willing to host (social causes/family) by not yielding site or content control, and by being a part of a network of women. And if it becomes something other than I believe it is, I won't do it anymore.

But for now, I am checking it out. I am earnest in my desire to find creative and alternative ways to sustain my family so we can move to the jungle and raise M in the wild.

All I'll need is a good internet connection.

Thanks for letting me share this. Next I'll get back to my wedding plans. While the room is filling up with some of the most beautiful women I've ever read, we've still got room at the head table. It's not too late to RSVP.


Izzy said...

I think if being a part of the BAN can help you achieve your dream and you have to power to say what goes or doesn't go in that spot, then it's a win-win!

KC said...

yes, what izzy said.

We just want you to be happy and fulfilled.

ads, schmads.

Mommy off the Record said...

I felt the same way as you did about the BlogHer ads. When I read the contract, I was happy to see that you could tell them if there were companies that you would not want to advertise for (I chose Wal-Mart as one that I would NOT advertise for). And lately, I've been very happy about how they are incorporating charities in their spots. I LOVE this. So far, I see BlogHer ads as a win-win for everyone.

I was also reading back several posts to find out what this whole wedding thing was about. At first, I was completely confused and thought you were REALLY getting married! LOL

Anyway, I have a gift for you. This one is being re-gifted, but I hope you'll count it in:

jen said...


You're in, baby. You are IN.

Deezee said...

well, I love that Doctors Without Borders was front and center when I arrived at your site. Certainly can't complain about that!

Anonymous said...

Jen - I feel like a total schmuck that I have not formally put together a 'wedding gift'. I feel out of the loop & that I will be placed at the table waayy in the back where the rejects sit. I will do my best to put something together. I want it to count. I feel bad throwing out an idea on your comment section & saying 'this should be acceptable'. I'll do my best to set aside a chunk of time. You & our new mate deserve more of me than a bologna sandwich on moldy bread.

Anonymous said...

It's your blog, baby, and your life and your beliefs are the ones that count for you. I still wanna be here:)

Anonymous said...

I see no conflicts, Ms. Jen. Your family and the goals, dreams and desires you have together come first, before any of us internets. If you can find a way that doesn't compromise your beliefs to make those happen, all the more power to you, but don't feel guilty when it doesn't. What matters is that you try.

Anonymous said...

The ads are fine.... nothing offensive in them. And if it helps you get to Belize, that is even better. :)



Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes... I'd love to be able to move to South Africa for a while...