Thursday, December 28, 2006

it's the old guys that really get to me

he stood,
stooped and slightly tilting
hair mussed, greying and thin;
digging through a bag of someone's discarded clothing,
furtive, proud,
his pants a bit too short, socks mismatched,
yet he smiles, suddenly to himself,
as he spies a hidden treasure
a muffler someone threw away,
gold and blue, and oh, wait,
a hat, a blue hat.
it fits.

he stands up straight, shoulders back
notices my gaze and says
hello darlin', would ya look at this?
pointing to his find.

nice, i say, and how are you this morning,
can't complain, he says
besides, no one would listen, anyways.

sleeping bag under one arm,
he tosses me a wry smile
and walks off to greet the sidewalk.

be kind to him today;
i say to no one and everyone
in particular.


flutter said...

You are amazing. What a huge heart.

Thailand Gal said...

Hey, who knew? You are an excellent poet! Wonderful!



Jenny said...

Beautiful. You find the poetry in the things most people would rather turn away from. It's a gift.

meno said...

Would that we could all look at small gifts as if they were huge gifts, like this man, because they really are huge.

urban-urchin said...

beautifully put.

swampwitch said...

So poignant for me...I visualized him immediately. Nice work.

QT said...

Nice post, jen. It is the small things that keep us going most of the time, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I already knew it, but here it is again: you are really someone special.

KC said...

This is a beautiful poem from a beautiful person.

I love the last line most.

Tabba said...

I agree with KC - that last line....whew.

I like how your tags for the post started with cold & ended with warm. I'm weird.

Thanks for asking me about my job ;)

mamatulip said...

This, right here, is why you are an everyday read for me now.

ecm said...

This is beautiful. I really, really loved the last stanza.

crazymumma said...

I always wonder what set of circumstances bring anyone to live on the street. As I have said before there but for the grace of whoever/whatever go I.
Your work, your attitude brings dignity Jen.

Julie Pippert said...


How moving.

And I wish this could reach the closed hearts of so many people out there...

Just maybe it will. We can hope.

carrie said...



s@bd said...

love it.
(as always)

Momish said...

Lovely! Very touching and inspiring. You brought out the dormant poet lover in me. It doesn't happen much, so that is a big compliment for you big heart.

liv said...

And to you, my friend, that your darling M sees what a blessing you are to those who flutter in and out of your life.


kristen said...

putting that request out into the universe can only spread love and kindness don't you think? you've made me much more compassionate and aware by posting all that you do and I thank you for that. xo

kristen said...

ps. email me your snail mail so I can get that book into the mail to you. sorry to request here, didn't see an email linky on your blog.


Girl con Queso said...

Wow. That is beautiful. And so sad. And so beautiful. All at the same time.

Desitin's Child said...

This is really wonderful.

dmmgmfm said...

What a beautiful poem, it moved me to tears. You are, obviously, a very special person.