Saturday, January 06, 2007


The Just Post Headquarters have just finished with a rather long G2 summit meeting. The agenda was simple:

1. How to ensure that the Just Post nods are inclusionary vs. exclusionary. I brought the wine, Mad brought some beer. We met over long emails and crackly phone connections.

To us, the answer was simple. Allow for self-nominations. And ensure that the self-nominations are indistinguishable from the ones nominated by others. We want to remove the contest-award-popularity element because it detracts from our mission.

Simply put, we envision a roundtable. Everyone who shares a post will be included, and every post, whether self-shared or shared by another will be included. And of course, for the Just Post December Roundtable, all the wedding posts will be re-listed again. (so no need to send those back over).

We've spent time debating with ourselves and others about what exactly we are trying to do with the Just Post idea. We realized that the idea of collecting by nominations can lead to exclusion, hurt feelings, and general feelings of left-out-ed-ness. Since the spirit of the Just Post has everything to do with community building, social justice, and the raising of awareness, we realized that by only asking for posts that were read and recognized by others, then we'd be missing the whole point.

For those of you who saw this coming a mile away, all I can say in our defense is neither one of us has ever been very popular or was ever nominated for homecoming queen, best smile on campus, or anything else, so forgive us, we had little experience to draw upon.

So, please allow us to share our Just Post, Pt 2., the Roundtable Edition. We are sincere in our mission to raise our collective awareness to the good going on in the world. And this minor yet major change allows for even more juicy reading, an even greater exchange of thoughts and ideas, and even more ways to effectively show up in our own communities and our planet and stand together on the side of good. And everyone can join. No need to wait on others. Hey, now there are no excuses, either. Let's get it on. Let your voices carry (oh, and yeah, but by the 8th).

It's Just that simple.

And the button is available to whoever wants it. If you haven't already gotten it, or aren't savvy enough to copy it from our sites (I have no idea how to do it but Mad does), let me know.


Thailand Gal said...

Good on both of you! It sounds much more consistent with your original intent. ;)



flutter said...

That's very sweet of you guys.

Julie Pippert said...

God luv ya b/c I sure do!

Awesome plan of action!!

I'm drafting up my just post. I was hoping for a happy outcome to the situation but these things take time so I'll do part 1.

KC said...

Leave it to you two to make a beautiful idea even more beautiful.

And now that I'm jealous of your summit, when can we have a live summit? Internet champagne is lovely and all and safer to open, but, wouldnt' it be fun?

jen said...

KC, I think about that all the time.

I really do. We should do it.

izzy said...

I think the ability to draw attention to your own Just Post is a great idea. Sometimes some of the greatest pieces haven't been seen nearly enough or at all and this is certainly one answer to that, as well as the popularity issue.

Although, as half partner of the ROFL's I'd like to say that I hope our ROFL awards are given and accepted in the spirit of appreciation that a post made someone smile or gave them a much-needed laugh and not as a means to give or gain some sort of status :)

Again, the Just Post awards are an AWESOME idea!!! You guys rock :)

ewe are here said...

Really great idea! It will make it much easier to find and read such posts!

bubandpie said...

So let's see if I've got this straight:

(a) there will be a list of links to all posts nominated, without any indication of who nominated them

(b) there will also be a list of links to all the bloggers who have participated, either by nominating a post or being nominated themselves (is this part right?)

(c) are we still expected to write up a profile of a post we've nominated? Will there be links to those posts-in-honour-of-a-post? Won't that draw undue attention to the fact that some posts were self-nominated?

(d) should we select a single post that we found inspiring and/or moving, or forward the links to any and all posts we come across related to social justice?

I think this format makes a lot of sense for this particular thingy - because the Just Posts are more about creating a kind of archive of posts on social issues, and less about honouring the awardees. In that sense, the Just Posts will be more like the wedding and less like the ROFLs or Perfect Posts.

To speak to Izzy's point, I've always felt that the PPs and ROFLs are worthwhile - they're exclusionary only in that positive sense that it's exclusionary to say, "This is the most hilarious/memorable thing I've read all month."

jen said...

I absolutely agree with your thoughts. We'd gotten feedback that for this particular experience, folks would prefer to see all the efforts made - and I do see it differently than the ROFL/PP nods -which I very much appreciate as well. Very much so. And I apologlize if this post didn't make that clear.

and bub.
a. yes
b. yes. if you refer a post, we plan to list your blog - it's all part of the same community of raising awareness.
c. IMO, it's your blog, and if you want to participate by sharing the post you appreciated, by all means, yes. We will link whatever you offer us, whether it's to the piece you write about the post you liked, or to your site in general. (does that make sense? if not, email me)
d. I think if you were moved by one, I'd like you to send it over. Or two. Or three. But I'll leave that up to you - and we'll link every one we get.

If this isn't clear - please, please, keep asking questions. it's a work in progress, obviously.

thank you, all

Her Bad Mother said...

There's really no such thing as too much inclusivity when it comes to good feeling among good people. No such thing.


you da mom! said...

This is the first time hearing about Just Post. Is this every month?

jen said...

You da mom: YES. Go to one of the links at the top of the post, it'll explain (and over explain) the whole she-bang.

Mad Hatter said...

I've just started making the list of all the wonderful posts and checking it twice. December was a month of bounty. I can't wait until the list is complete. Keep them comin', keep them comin'...

Hel said...

Have you seen the selfportrait site? Starting a similar just-post-it blog might be an idea. The site can include rules on how to join and participate, show all posts nominated or self submitted. Like with the self portrait group different people can nominate their five favorite posts on different days. This way one gets better coverage of posts from different angles.

You could also encourage participants to clearly state in the title of the post what issue they are addressing.(Mental health, human rights, poverty, homelessness, feminist etc). If the post is nominated by someone else they can state which issue they feel are being addresed. That way people can easily decide which posts are of interest to them.

My work consists of designing user friendly web and interface layouts so please don't hesitate to shout if you need any assistance.I'm very exited about what you are doing and have started a draft of my first post.

crazymumma said...

I managed with much hair pulling to get the button on. Now I just have to get over there and read. As to being popular in high school? Remember those who 'peak' early fade fast....
Its the former pimply intovert artsys (me) who peak later on. Still waiting for it tho....(wink)

kim said...

I just wanted to say how awesome I think this is. I meant to participate and refer a post, but I can't seem to get it together. Hopefully, I will next month.