Monday, April 02, 2007

asked and answered

I am digging the five questions idea circulating around the blog world. So much so that I handed myself over to ECR last week. I like this idea, giving others the chance to ask you things you might never have thought to write about on your own.

1. What is your first memory?
I don't remember much before the age of seven or eight, something strange I know. So I suppose I'd have to say one of the earliest memories I have is watching fireworks in my backyard on the 4th of July while throwing up applejacks. (I used to LOVE applejacks, but I have no idea what the pukefest was about).

2. Do you fall in love easily? I prefer to say I fall in infatuation easily. I am fascinated by people that are different than I am, and in my youth, I called it love. I learned later on that I've probably loved only a few. So yes, I fall headfirst, but no, not into love. It smells like love, though. It's easy to confuse.

3. Where were you on September 11, 2001 when you first heard about the attacks? I was in Sacramento in a hotel room. I was there to watch an artist friend of mine from NYC do a performance at a school on racism and hate. He called my room and woke me up and told me to turn on the TV. The hardest part was going to the performance and watching him do his show not knowing yet if his friends and family were all ok. He improvised on the spot about hate in relation to what was happening all around us that fall morning and it was brilliantly and professionally done amidst 300 crying teenagers and many of their teachers. I didn't know anyone there, and all I wanted was to be with people I knew, so it was a strange experience.

4. Beer or wine? Ah. Well, that depends. Sitting in the bleachers at a Red Sox game? Beer. The drink of choice after a long dusty bus ride through foreign places? Beer. The sitting round the dinner table for hours after the meal is over talking about nothing and everything all at once? Wine. But it must be red.

5. You inherit 5 million dollars the same day aliens land and say they're going to blow up the world in two days... what do you do? (Extra points if you can identify the original source of this question) No extra points for me. I'd probably fly to Africa or somewhere else I've been dying to see to make sure I can see it before I died. But I don't need 5M for that, do I? I suppose I'd go to a shelter and give it away so as many people as possible can have a few hours of freedom doing what they want. For some reason this question made me sad, but I don't want to end on a bad note. It's just a question, for pete's sake.

If you are game for five questions from me, leave your email address in the comments section and I'll toss some your way. It's fun. And I promise to only ask one or two political/social questions. Really. I promise. Maybe.

In other news, the lovely Deezee and Deb nominated this post as a perfect post for March. It was one of the hardest posts I've ever written so it meant a lot to me that it meant something to you, too. Thank you both.


Redneck Mommy said...

Congrats on your award. It is well deserved.

And I loved your answers. I hadn't thought about Applejacks in forever. Do they still make them?


P.S. I've got a new blog addy...

Heidi said...

Those are fabulous answers, I agree 100% with #2 on love

Thailand Gal said...

I did particularly like that post as well. Of course my favorite remains the older one, written several months ago. You probably know which one.

I'll answer your questions. What the heck.. and social justice questions are fine. :)



meno said...

Red wine absolutely. Very thoughful answers, especially about love.

Send me some questions.

Velma said...

That was a great post you were nominated for - you deserve it!

(I don't remember practically anything about my early childhood, so no - I don't think it's weird at all.)

Tabba said...

Thanks for sharing your answers. I really enjoyed reading your perspective on these things.

And that post is so deserving.

I've answered 5 questions from Jess....I guess I can't do it again, huh?

Susanne said...

That perfect post award is indeed well deserved.

No memories before you were seven seems strange to me because I remember so much but there are more people like you. My mother for example.

Question #5 is very weird. And I'd like to know the original source.

KC said...

When he was 2 and I was 7, my brother nearly drowned in a public swimming pool. A nurse was there, thank God, and started CPR/pumping his stomach. Thrown up cereal (Captain Crunch with berries) always reminds me of that moment. I was supposed to have been keeping an eye on him.

A Pefect Post. Of course.


And if you have energy after dishing out the 2 sets of questions before me, I'd be more interested in seeing what questions you would think up for me than perhaps answering them.

That Girl said...
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NotSoSage said...

Great questions. Great answers.

And I wish I'd been on the ball enough this month 'cause that post deserved to be nominated three times...or more.

#2: I find I get what I call friend-crushes in the way that I used to get those love-crushes you talk about. It's the same rush...the same, "I-want-to-know-everything-about-you-and-I'm-willing-to-do-anything-to-get-to-know-you-better." You're totally one of them. But I swear, I'm sticking around.

That Girl said...
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Supe said...
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metro mama said...

I don't remember much from early childhood either.

Congrats on the perfect post!

Supe said...

That is a cool early memory.. so contrasting - the awe of 'spahklewohks' (Oeespeak), the sweetness of applejacks and the vulnerability of vomiting.

I understand what you mean about infatuation~versus~love in the early days of the spark/mesh/gel/connection. I am a romantic at heart and a realist otherwise and the two can get quite confused.. like trying to sort out a yoyo string or the cord to my earphones.

September 11, That is a very moving memory you described. Were his friends and family okay?

Beer and Wine.. no doubt. But, red gives me migraines, if we ever meet up, we'll have to buy both and some beer. ;)

#5 - making them kings for a day. Jen you are so true to form.

Great answers! I always love to read you.

I'll take your questions for a study break.


In 1989, Winona Ryder and Christian Slater starred in "Heathers".

"In the fictional Westerberg High, (a) poll, intended for eventual inclusion in the yearbook, was administered by three sickeningly popular girls, all named Heather."

Veronica Sawyer is an honorary member of the elite clique made up of these three. She asks the question.

Do I win?

cinnamon gurl said...

Ooh, that was a great post! Congrats!

And I love the question and answer about September 11. Great stuff!

I love this interview thing...

ECR said...

Susanne, Supe is right. Question #5 is from the movie Heathers. It's, like, the best movie ever.

Jen, you never disappoint. Thanks for making my questions look good ;)

And congrats on the much deserved, many times over, Perfect Post.

radioactive girl said...

I absolutely love reading these all over the place. It is so cool to read things that people wouldn't normally think to tell.

That love thing is so true! I agree completely!

Mad Hatter said...

Uh. Excuse me? Are you trying to tell me this is only infactuation? Whimper.

Congrats on the PP. A lovely and most-deserving post.

Beck said...

Beautiful answers. I remember almost nothing before I was six or seven. WE should start a club.

crazymumma said...

sorry. And not that everything else you have written in this past week is not important but I am just gonna comment on M's bike cause I had to skim over everything in my rush to reorganize my life after our trip.

Just wait honey, just wait until when you are running after her, holding onto the back of her bike to steady her after the training wheels come off.

And then you let go. And she does it on her own. Unfreakinbelievablebittersweetbirdflysfromthenest.

Have a camera and kleenexes close by.

Just you wait. She is gorgeous by the way and J is hawt.

Anonymous said...

I remember Sept. 11th, my husband was flying, he's a pilot. When he landed and called me I told him he had to drive home, no matter what. I made him rent a car and drive home, it was only a 1000 km. I just needed my family around me, safe.
It was nice reading your answers.

Bon said...

congrats on the perfect post indeed - i'm so new here i hadn't read it, and it blew me away. much to think on.

i also have about twelve questions about the just post stuff, because i'm still learning the lay of the land around here...but i'll email those to you.

as for the interview, cool answers. cool questions. the final one made me sad too...i think it points out how arbitrary money really is. and given how so many suffer for want of it, and so many more for lust of it, definitely all the more tragic.

i too am red wine only.

Thailand Gal said...

Answered your questions. :)

jen said...

Supe WON!

And if you want questions, email me because I can't find your email address...

QT said...

Congratulations on the award - it is much deserved, of course.

Love your answers, too.

you can always send me questions, it doesn't have to be anytime soon tho as I can see I am late to this party!

Supe said...

Supe is me, Penny. I don't know why I changed my blogger name to my nickname.. for the heck of it, I guess.

my email is super p underscore at hotmail dot com and there are no spaces and it is all lowercase.


slouching mom said...

But it must be red.

Yes, it must.

Anne said...

An acre? Next to you in Belize?
Sweet Mother Mary answer my prayers....

Denguy said...

Nice answers.
For me:
#3- At the office I worked at, we all huddled around a radio and got what we could from the internet. I remember remarking, "Damn, now Bush's going to declare war on some one."
And then I was chastised by my co-workers for my comment.
#4- Pretty much the same answer as you.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you?


kristen said...

I'd love questions but then, it seems you're quite busy so if you want and can, than yes please.

#3 was a profound day for me, one I will never forget. We lived in Brooklyn at the time - directly across the East River from Wall Street.

liv said...

I love that post....and fire away:

jadetreeyoga at gmail dot com

Julie Pippert said...

I do love the interviews. Very interesting!

Congrats on the perfect post!

Girl con Queso said...

Congrats on the perfect Perfect Post. Well deserved.g

flutter said...

One more reason to love you, my littl red wine drinker. Congrats on the perfect post nod, you deserve it

mamatulip said...

Good questions...great answers. And congrats on the award. It was much deserved.

Kyla said...

No memories before 7 or 8? So strange! My earliest memory is around 3, I think.

That post was perfect. Well done.

Momish said...

Congrats on the PP award! Well deserved as always. I loved your answers too (and the questions were really great - kudos to ECR!)

The Expatriate Chef said...

I like these memes that have been circulating. I found your blog through another, and am glad I arrived. You can send me questions at, or stop by The Expatriate's Kitchen. I'd love to hear from you. I am going back to read more of your posts now.