Wednesday, January 02, 2008

words, action, community (let's get this party started)

Words are power. They can cut and cleanse, strengthen and wound. Kind words can ease sorrow, intricate words spread joy just from their existence. Course words can smart, in good and bad ways. Vitriol can spoil but sometimes shows up, thankfully much less so in our village than other parts of the sphere. We writers of words understand these things, we wield them willfully and carefully, we drop them off or wrap them around each other. Sometimes we hold back or say too little. Or our lack of words might speak louder in their absence. Sometimes we let it roar.

The Just Posts try to gather a lot of these words; words of harmony and pleading, yearning for change and anger at the present. Frustration, sadness, joy, hope. Going back and reading so many submissions remind me of the intrinsic power in each and every one. We write because we hope. We hope for change. And often that is enough. Peace, like so many things, begins with one. One word, a thought, shared, assimilated, neurons kick and mull it over, tides pull. Change.

And so much of the past year of nurturing the Just Posts have been about this simple power. The power to share stories and have others respond. Sometimes with words, sometimes with action. But we respond. Our neurons rise up. They stretch. Change.

That's how the baby came into being. Reading so many of your words about what you feel, what you long for, what matters now and what should matter more. That's when it struck me that I can do more. That I want to do more. A birth, a call, and I hope an inspiration for you join us as the Just Posts come together to add another place at the table. A space to talk about volunteerism and if it matters, why it matters, and if there is something you are called to do. To commit. To support those commitments. Words, action, community.

It's coming on the anniversary celebration of the Just Posts so please send us writings about social justice big or small, yours or another to girlplustwoATyahooDOTcom before the 7th and you'll be included at our Roundtable on the 10th. And if you write a post for the Baby Shower, send us that link too because this month is special and we are celebrating it as such with a baby named Volunteerism. We are birthing a movement and all are welcome to join as fits for each of you, words or action, both, or simply in the cheering section. Change. Words. Action. Community.

If this is new to you click on the the link above or on one of the Just Post buttons to your right or feel free to email me. We want to celebrate this month, justice in words, justice in action. It all radiates. And all are welcome.


flutter said...

I love a baby shower, W00t!

Anonymous said...

My brain has dilated to 10cm. It's time to push, baby.

QT said...

Do we have to play that game where someone melts different candy bars in diapers, and then they get passed around and you have to sniff it to see which candy bar it is?

thailandchani said...

It should be an interesting collection of posts this time. I'm wondering how this will manifest for different people and what they will choose to do differently. As for me, I'll probably just keep preachin' to the choir. :)

Julie Pippert said...

Have I mentioned yet that I think this is great?

Using My Words

painted maypole said...

but do I have to wear clothes pins on my dress that will be stolen if I say "baby?"


This is such a great thing you do.

TIV: the individual voice said...

I wanted to nominate a post for a just post and in addition I'll think about contributing to the above:
her Jan 1 post on books will fly through the air for children. I will probably also mention it in a post for the above.

TIV: the individual voice said...

I just wrote a quick spread of the word about this on my War Post today, as I have to work for the next two days and won't be able to write again until the weekend. Wanted to get the ball rolling.

Janet said...

Guess what? I volunteered to do something that makes me very uncomfortable! But it's for a good cause. So I'm doing it. Because of your words and dedication to the human spirit.

Good work. Will blog on it later.

The Expatriate Chef said...

My work gives me two paid days a year to volunteer, and I will be definitely taking those! Thanks for the reminder. Am also on a mission to get my CSA/food prep for food stamp recipients idea into the hands of someone who can make it happen!