Hello, Victoria's Secret Kitty

The first of the lovely women who've agreed to cribsit the plus two is my girl Casey. She's funnier than me but no need to rub it in. Funny is what we are going for over the next week over here so I aim to deliver. I know you'll make her feel at home.

So one plus two? This blog. Those three plus me? All out party. And speaking of party, what are you wearing? Well, more appropriately, what are you not wearing? Whoa, before we get that far. Hi, I'm Casey from moosh in indy.

Now tell me what you're wearing.You see, I have this kid. She's three and a half. Girl loves princesses. And Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Dora, My Little Ponies and pretty much anything spawned from Disney. So basically anything that smiles, involves pink and can be played with. Since I only have one child, that one child is allowed to have the chokiest of chokey toys. Those little sets with the little animals that have collars and dog bones the size of a freckle? The ones that infants swallow and the ones you're not willing to retrieve when they pass them? We've got 'em.

It started small. At 18 months we got her a little doll stroller, it just so happened we found a $3 stroller at some bargain clearance store that had princesses on it. $3. Who cares what's on it?
$3? SWEET. From that point until now is kind of a blur. I blame it on the little girl down the street. The little girl who showed the moosh her dress ups. It's been chaos of sheer pink taffeta ever since. The princesses and various other characters have not (and won't!) make it into her everyday apparel, nightgowns however are a different story.NO! That's a lie! One Hello Kitty t-shirt snuck through, but it was Hello Kitty holding a camera! And I have a camera! Hello? Cute right? Damn you H&M for killing my principle.

However, here's the issue. Walking the aisles of TJ Maxx tonight I saw a nightgown with Hello Kitty on it. I considered getting it. IT WAS IN MY SIZE.

The moosh would think I was the coolest lady on the planet if I served her cereal in a Hello Kitty nightgown. At this point I only own one pair of pajama pants with the Cheshire Cat on them, a gift from my mom. But when I wear those pants? The moosh follows me around stroking my thigh proclaiming "I LOVE your kitty pants!"A compliment is a compliment right? And she's so enthusiastic about it. She LOOOOVES my kitty pants. I have a princess camera in my purse this very moment. I wash tiny little princess panties in every load of laundry. I serve spaghetti on heart shaped princess plates. I cure owies with Hello Kitty band-aids. She sleeps on a princess pillowcase and carries a princess purse with a princess cell phone (gifts I say!) I swore it would never get to this point.

Don't give into the man! Marketing! "DON'T DO IT!" I said.


I never even bothered to think that I would be talking myself out of a Hello Kitty nightgown in the aisles of TJ Maxx at 26 years old. Having a kid changes everything. From your dishes to your choice of themed sleepwear.

******Say what you want about me, but can I please ask your readers to vote for me in the Hot Blogger Calender? I made a video! I'm the token prude of the 2009 Hot Blogger Calendar! Modesty is Hottesty! Nothing to sign up for! Just vote! VOTE! The spirit of competition is BURNIN' IN MY (non Hello Kitty) BRITCHES!

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