Saturday, November 01, 2008

three days to go and i need your help

We are three days away from the election, after two years of grueling coverage and divisive politics the day is finally here. We've voted already and helped nearly 100 others register to vote too and on Tuesday we'll bus them to the polls. MOMocrats kicked ass all year and getting to be even a small part of those dynamic women saved me from the brink time and time again. We've done all we can and now everyone simply needs to vote.

At home we are preparing for a party, we've invited everyone we know to come over to our grubby little house and spend the night watching the returns, drinking wine and betting on the exact time the other guy will concede and who will take Pennsylvania. We plan to stay up as long as it takes and have offered floor space to whoever wants it. We are working on party favors and are in the midst of making wine labels to mark the occasion. So far we've come up with these as slogans for the bottles:

It's about fucking time
Pairs nicely with dead moose
Mavericky with a hint of oak
Wine we can believe in
This wine fights terror
Socialism means more wine for everybody

Clearly, I can use your help. If you have a great 3-5 word phrase fitting for an election party wine bottle leave it in the comments. If we go with yours I'll even send you a bottle. The wine is cheap but the sentiments are rich.

It's Just Post submission time again. If this is new to you every month on the 10th we host a Roundtable featuring writings about social justice or social issues on three blogs in three different countries. You can see last month's roundtable here or click on the purple and white buttons to your right. All you have to do is email me posts you've written or read from others to me at girlplustwo(at)yahooDOTcom by the 7th. All are welcome. It's easy and it feels great. Join us.

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Kyla said...

You have a drink for me when Obama wins, you hear me? I'll be in the hospital with KayTar...but I want someone celebrating for me!

painted maypole said...

swing state swill?

electoral college Cabernet?

voter's vino?

"don't just put lipstick on the pig, get her drunk!"

wow... I really should go to bed. ;)

Little Monkies said...

The libation of liberation.


TZT said...

Yes we chianti!

The bipartisan cabernet

Zins of our founding fathers

Janet said...

Adjudicate! Liberate! Celebrate! Inebriate!

jen said...

oooh..these are terrific. keep em coming...

Magpie said...

Barolo Obama, though Obama Barolo has better prosody.

QT said...

I'm sorry, I've got nothin'...swing state swill is my fave, tho!

mamatulip said...

Mavericky with a hint of oak. That's awesome.

You have to find a way to incorporate "Gotcha!"

Janet said...

You voted Obama
You gave a frig
Now you deserve
To take a swig!

Expatriate Chef said...

No vote. No whine.