Thursday, March 12, 2009

day 23: full moon

The Moon Ritual was amazing, there are no two ways about it. A new friend invited me, so at the appropriate time we drove high into the hills to an amazing house where a group of fantastic women were gathered. We ate, drank and then moved into the ritual space where one of the women (who is also a Shaman) lead the group through the process culminating with burning our arrows in the fire. I am like a sponge, humble and open and yielding, so each encounter feels authentic and I am starting to understand why I was drawn to this place. I was drawn to this place to learn to trust myself and to learn from the wisdom of women elders, that became clear to me last night and is scary and exciting all at once because no matter what, this place is going to change me in ways that I want and do not want but if I want to walk through these new doors there are people here who will and are showing me the way.

So much of this place is hard and that's not me complaining but acknowledging a truth, someone recently said this country chews you up and spits you out and yet you come back for more and it made so much sense because this is not tropical america no matter how much you want to think that it is. It is foreign and different and complex and yet at the same time there is magic and wonder and mystery here. It's just coated in bugs and dirt and heat.

Speaking of hard and different, if you still want to help M's preschool I finally have the list. You should know that shipping things here is expensive, probably cost $20 or more to send a package so please don't feel any obligation but if you are willing I'd love to help out in some small ways, these kids are lacking in basic supplies that would mean so much.

In no particular order she's asked for:

Crayons: the kind you get at learning places where you can get a dozen or more of the same color, like 12 reds, 12 blues and so on. If not she'll take regular crayons but specifically asked for this.
Felt board cutouts for story time
Markers - washable
Puzzles (ages 4-5)
Construction Paper
Googly eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Story books (ages 4-5)
Play doh
Paints (washable)
Paint brushes
Coloring books
Laminated word cutouts. Not sure what this is but you preschool teachers probably will.
Basically anything educational or crafty

She has about 25 kids in her class and supplies are really hard to get here and what you can get costs a lot and is terrible quality. So if you are game send me an email at girlplustwoATyahooDOTcom and I'll send you the address. I think she'll be happy for whatever she is able to get to help the kids. She can't believe folks are willing to help but I told her I come from a very good village and that seemed to make a lot of sense.

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Mad said...

I've got a box of goldfish waiting to be mailed. I'll see what else I can add before it goes out.

thordora said...

Please email me the address-I'd love to spend some of my severance on crayons. :)

Anonymous said...

emailing now.

I'm imagining the pot luck where everyone brings the same dish - we may need some coordinating.

I know I have a LOT of puzzles and some books on hand. I'm not up for another trip to the craft store this week, as I have been there every day for forgotten items needed for the Daisy scouts or the upcoming birthday party, but it's hard to keep me away from there.

Oh, and have I got green pipe cleaners covered? I do.

So what did you put on your arrow & burn?

Anonymous said...

duh - I just remembered my niece WORKS at Lego & gets a good discount.

Magpie said...

A very good village indeed.

Krysten said...

I'm loving your blog more and more!

Katie said...

I would love to send a package to the school. Please email me the address!

Anonymous said...

googly eyes?

eye must kno

and frankly,

i refuse to google it


Anonymous said...

hey gurl

have you seen this:

Priority Mail® International Regular Flat-Rate Boxes

around 13 bucks! (thats a 35% savings :)

even cheaper to do it online

it will show up if you chose belize, package and anything under 5 lbs

Perksofbeingme said...

Can you send me the address? I have lots of things to send perksofbeingme AT gmail DOT com

Ally said...

It amazes me how you are in this village for only this long and you get invited to this amazing and transformative event. I can totally see myself living there for years and never being aware of something like this going on.

Strongrrl said...

Please send me the address. I'll talk to the other moms in my "village" and see what we can put together.

Redneck Mommy said...

Putting together a package for the school and for your family.

It was a little embarrassing to buy all those girl on girl porn magazines like you wanted me to, but hey, you are the one living in the jungle, not me.


Someday ME 2 said...

New reader here, WOW what a life adventure. I would love to send a box...please email me the address. Also please include some things your family would like as well. Thanks for sharing your incrediable experience.

crazymumma said...

I really need a ritual like that right now. My life has shifted completely and I am re becoming at age 46 a single woman.

and I howl. but not for pain so much as yearning to see what else is out there.

You know you ned to give us some pictures hh? When possible? a glimmer? an idea?

Anonymous said...

That ritual sounds awesome. I am a Pagan/Wiccan high priestess and long-time practitioner. What you ladies did sounds an awful lot like what we do at some of our women's rituals. It's so kewl to see that our practices are so much the same! Also, know that they really, really must like/trust you to invite you into their circle. How beautiful...and no, you're not supposed to tell what you put on that arrow -- it's like a birthday wish!

I am envious. It sounds blissful, there but I am not so naive to think it is all roses.

I would love to help those kids out. I will even see if I can get my coven to participate a bit, or our Pagan Church, Ozark Avalon in Columbia, MO.

sending you an email right now...and brightest blessings to you all!

flutter said...

consider it done

Christine said...

I would love to attend a ritual like that! Your adventures are amazing. I'm sort of new here, but I'm really enjoying your journey.

painted maypole said...

sounds awesome.

Mariellen said...

Does your school, or maybe a school for older boys and girls or even people in the village need scraps of cloth? I have several big bags of them from a friend who used to run a hat shop, and gave it up when she got breast cancer (in full remission!) She made me promise that her scraps - her life's collection given to me and a colleague who were working with her at the time, go to a good home if we didn't use them. I wondered if this was the right home? Trust your gut for the answer, and if it's "no" that's perfectly fine, but I wanted to ask. If the naswer is yes, I am on mariellen_romer AT hotmail DOT com.

Your journey is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it.