Monday, April 13, 2009


The last full day of Neen's visit was near magical.  We had the opportunity to take a canoe inside the mouth of a cave, going in to the utter blackness and back out again.  It was dark and quiet (save for the yapping of two smallish people) and utterly peaceful (save for the yapping of two smallish people).
Once we were done we grabbed some cold beers we'd stashed in the car and then stopped for lunch before going out for a swim.  We also got minorly attacked by a monkey.  Bad monkey.

On our way we almost ran into a horse drawn wagon who'd stopped for a refill. 
I was almost brave enough to swim under the falls, but then again almost doesn't really count. Besides, those river rocks are slippery. It didn't help that our friend (and guide) said I could make the entire trip in flip flops and was he ever wrong about that. The water was amazing, the sound of the falls and the clear water swirling all around us.
This last one is just a postscript from when we were at the Cayes. There's just something about outdoor restaurants on the beach with swings, mismatched chairs and battered, paint chipped tables.  My kid's pretty cute too.

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Magpie said...

The unforeseen blessing of the emergency trip to the US is that we, your readers, get to see all these cool photos!

meno said...

But you didn't resent the two smallish yapping people at all.

painted maypole said...

gorgeous. loving the pictures

Gwen said...

Smallish yapping people made me smile.

I swear I have been at those exact falls. How is that possible? Surely the Belize around SI has more than one set of falls, no?

Bon said...

the little stools at that restaurant are calling my name, i swear.

hope you guys are able to get safely back soon.

mommyknows said...

It looks fabulous!

Hope all is going well with your hubby.

flutter said...

your kid is edible

maggie, dammit said...

Ohhhh, wow. WowowowowowowoWOW.

Mad said...

Beautiful. I hope you get back as soon as possible. Is there a recent medical update?

Ben Curren said...

we just got back from caye caulker today and had some time tonight to check out your blog. we are still in san pedro but i thought the picture of m was funny since olivia was sitting in the exact swing about 5 hours ago while we had a drink. we have a photo to prove it:)

miss you and we are constantly thinking of j and your family.

fyi, this is ben + genia.