i don't know this man, this man who walked into the room and headed straight for me. i don't know this man, this incredibly gorgeous man with dark hair and enough stubble to hurt my face.
i don't know why he lifts me onto the desk or why he starts kissing me without even speaking, but i know that in this moment i want these kisses, this man, more than anything i've ever wanted in my life. i float outside the embrace and see the pairing, delicious, slow, restrained in a way that is merely marking time, the ferociousness of it won't allow the restraint for much longer, this man, who is this man, who gives a shit who this man is as long as he doesn't stop.

in the background i notice a noise, distracted but still full of this man my mind drifts, i recognize this sound, a whimpering that rises louder. i push this away, this distraction from this man, but it grows louder. i see myself pausing, the embrace gains some distance as my mind works to place this sound that doesn't fit into this small room with this dark haired man, his hands....

mommy, MOMMY, wake UP! help me! WAKE UP!

dammit. the man fades as my consciousness rises. my child is awake.

five more minutes would have been really, really nice.

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